you are what you buy..

[recollections of a recent supermarket visit]
oh darn it... why is the woman in the front taking such a long time to check out? Inching my inquisitive self forward, I took a peek into her healthily packed basket. Literally, it was a feast for health nuts.. 7 packets of the same wholewheat sesame cracker. In my mind, my evil convictions that perhaps wholesome products claiming to be good for you were in fact stripped of any of it's self acclaimed health benefits. Why would she need so many anyway? As I re-adjusted the tiny sweltering on my shorts, my eyes trailed to the floor. What the... There were 14 more replicates of the same product already bagged neatly in the largest Cold Storage plastic bag. Was she buying all the products on the shelf for a reason? Big party I guess? These would probably make wonderful hor-devours with a bit of cream cheese and smoked salmon with fresh dill on it. oh gosh, I digress.

Slowly, I came to attention of the other possessions the other shoppers around me had laid claim of. A large bottle of house brand apple juice snuggled tightly in the arms of a young teenage boy, a clever move defying the dark marketing magic of the mcdonalds just opposite the counter. A punnet of luscious red strawberries and a bottle of white wine. A young caucasian couple, very much in love, yet still trying ignite the burning white coals of passion. A young working adult male, with a carton of eggs in tow, perhaps a quick solution to his after-work hunger pangs or perhaps his curious attempt at a protein rich diet.

What did I have? Sugar and butter. That was it, along with the fundamentals of the egg ruling, I could easily have produced a cake of sorts which of course I was intending to do (speaking of which, I've got a butter walnut pound cake fresh out of the oven) Guess that was it, you could tell a lot about a person from what she/he purchases even at a supermarket.

Maybe they should even have character analysis exercises through grocery shopping...

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