posh nosh in flip flops

Posh Nosh in Flip Flops


Dining at the the Royal Copenhagen Tea lounge was a considerably spontaneous decision on our part. And as we shuffled across the marbled floor to join the steadily growing queue of impatient customers, feeling rather out of place in our casual clothing admist the glitz and glamor of the surrounding retail shops, our minds were put at ease seeing the other shoddily dressed customers. More so by the young boys still in prams with legs wide open in a less than classy slumber.


As we took our seats, it took us a while to grow accustomed to the fine finishings around the dining area. The smorgasbord of exquisite cutlery perched perilously on the walls above unsuspecting diners, the fine china plates with delicate prints used for our foods and so on. Peeking at the platters of food being carried to the neighbouring tables, temptation quickly took the leash and we were quick to decide on her majesty tea set ($29.90 ++) for 2.


First to come with the set was the quiche du jour which was the onion and leek quiche. This was outstanding and it took the liberty of destroying all the revolting recollections I have had of quiche. Words such as 'cold','eggy' vanished into thin air, only to be replaced by a tyranny of poetic adjectives which manifested themselves in the form of 'ooos' and 'ahhs'


The open face sandwich served as part of the savoury deal of the high tea set featured two mini sandwiches; each drowned in a sea of rich fillings. The shrimp sandwich was delightful with the lingering creaminess of mayonaise and the gentle nuances of saltiness provided by the robustily red caviar followed by a gentle heat of the paprika sauces. The other sandwich on the other hand dealt a poorer hand with the fluffy egg wrapped with smoked salmon proving unmemorable.


Chasing closely behind were the choice of cake (from the gorgeous display in the front) and 2 scones with jam, butter and cream. Served up with our tea and coffee, one can't help but feel as though it's desserts after a mini savoury treat.


Probably familiar to those who have visited the Royal Copenhagen Tea Lounge, the blueberry cheesecake was the Pièce de résistance. Creamy with a chance of tanginess, this glorious confection speckled with blueberries throughout and then enveloped with a thick blueberry compote was one of the better cheesecakes I've had in the longest time. Period.

Did I mention how much I love the blue printed porcelain cups used to serve our coffee and tea in. Incredibly quaint.


The only hiccup that occured with the service was our forgotten order of scones which took an overbearing 15 mins after the cake to arrive, and only after a gentle reminder to the staff. Hey, I admit to being an impatient person.. but it's the infamous scones we're talking about here. No grudges beared though since observation proved that the cafe was a scene of hyper bustling activity for the better of the afternoon. The scones of course turned out great, with a tender crumb and warm thoroughly. Perfect when washed down with a cup of english tea.

So next time you're in the vicinity and craving for some good english high tea, do give the Royal Copenhagen a go. But word of caution, do take note of the snaking queues on weekends.


Royal Copenhagen Tea Lounge

Takashimaya Singapore Department Store
391 Orchard Road, Level 2
Singapore 238873

Phone: +65 6735 6833


Angeline said...

I want the blueberry cheesecake!! Does it taste better than bakerzin's version?? :)

SiHaN said...

angeline: i've never tried the bakerzin cheesecake before so can't make fair judgement. But i must say it's really darn good!

Angeline said...

O.o It's time to go try it out with my sister! :D