District 10 Bar & Grill: Dry Aged Meat Nirvana

'God, I could just live here,' I cooed in between fat-filled bites of the fiorentina steak. And it isn't just the plantation dark rum talking, it's easy to be charmed by the deadly smells of charred meat coming from the small window exposing the bustle and heat from the grill, adjustable by crank wheels; all that in between being smitten by the breezy chef Luca Pezzera, Co-owner and Executive chef of the Bonta Group who wields the larger-than-life cleavers with feign intimidation. 

Situated at the ground floor lobby of the newly revamped Suntec City Tower 2, its hard to miss the dry-aged meat nirvana. The ominous highlight of the diner, clearly evident the moment you step onto establishment's grounds - the European meat showcase with massive displays of proteins and delectable cheese teasing your visual senses. Then, there's the dedicated chiller behind the bespoke butchers block filled with choice cuts, dry-aged in house that scream business. So, let's get down to the bottom of things, why does dry-aged meat encompass so much more luxury than usual? - that's because dry ageing allows for enzymes to break down connective tissues in the muscles which soften and tenderises meat; resulting in a higher concentration of natural flavors in the protein. This usually involves a slightly extravagant price tag, but its all worth while in my opinion.

Foreplay comes in the form of Vitello Tonnato, Thinly sliced Roasted Veal with light Tuna sauce ($24), an unlikely combination of grassy veal with sea-worthy tuna cream and a good splash of olive oil. The Butter Lettuce Salad with Pancetta, Hazelnut, Gorgonzola and egg ($20) is more successful with pungent gorgonzola cheese standing up to the lettuce's freshness, boosted by roasted hazelnuts and crispy pancetta. Another standout is the Puglia Burratina with Organic Cherry Tomato-Basil Bruschetta ($26) cause how else can you resist creamy burrata cheese anyway?

Top Left (clockwise): Fruits of Angel, Puglia Burratina with organic cherry tomato-basil bruschetta, sun-dried tomato bread 

Climax to the tastes of the 45 Day Dry-aged corn fed traditional Fiorentina Steak ($22++ per 100g, min order 800g); I would take this over the 45 Day Dry-aged Grass Fed Angus OP Rib ($18++ per 100g, min order 500g) any day; and I'm going to go to the extreme to say that it is a 'die-die-must try' dish. The extreme heats on the grill resulting in a perfectly scarred and sturdy crust that masks a ruby red, medium rare interior through and through. While the former had a slightly higher percentage of marbled fats, I found the latter to be slightly leaner albeit more intense in beef flavor. Pick wisely, because its a hefty investment, but definitely a good meal to share between 3 or 4 carnivorous diners.

The sordid deed ends off with mandatory pleasantries exchanged. Desserts include the toothsome Double Espresso Pannacotta with Vanilla Sauce ($12), Bitter chocolate with marshmallow fluff and caramelized banana ($14) as well as the Profiterole filled with Chestnut, served with warm chocolate sauce ($12). Besides coasting on its beauty, the profiterole does boasts a delectable creamy filling of chestnut mousse (that tbh, could have used a much heavier hand of marron) in crisp yet moist choux pastry, the shavings of intensely bitter chocolate overhead, a welcome respite from the sweet assault. The pannacotta stole the show for me, the juxtaposition of caramel bits and floral lavender sauce with the fiercely potent double espresso pannacotta lingering in my memories long after that fateful night.

District 10 Bar & Grill Suntec City Mall
3 Temasek Boulevard
t: 6822 2886

Operating Hours:
Mon - Sat: 10 30am - 10 30pm
Sun: Closed

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