House @ Dempsey: High Tea Party goes green

To cut to the chase, popular vintage high tea at House @ Dempsey has seen a face lift. Currently donning a more herbaceous look with the kitchen taking a conscious effort to incorporate fresh herbs into their signature comfort food.

It's all about making the prettiest plates here for that ultimate flat lay to be exhibited with the intentions of braggadocio or accidental evidence that you've skipped work for a couple of hours on a Friday afternoon to have high tea with the girlies. carelessness. TSK.

House's tenacious efforts in introducing herbs as a prominent flavor in their commonplace tea times treats definitely helps the diner to have a greater appreciation of elements on their plates. Most of the docile flavors helping to elevate the average sweet treat to something memorable.

My favourites of the immaculately displayed line;  complete with upturned baskets and handwritten labels on tin cans - Sweet Potato Pie and the Curry Leaf Almond Brownie. The latter cleverly bringing together the spicy hints of fried curry leaves with crowd pleasing gooey chocolate batter; studded with bits and bobs of almonds throughout, it's a real challenge to refrain from sweeping out the entire platter.

Other new items include the Papadum and Ginger Butter Chicken served with mango chutney, Sesame Herb crusted mini Sausage Rolls, Avocado Chocolate Cake, Coriander Butter Shortbread amongst many. Pace yourself as you explore the line and whilst you're doing so, wash down all that guilt with swigs of artisanal tea such as Vanilla Sky (Jasmine Tea & Vanilla), Peppermint (Ginger & peppermint), Hip Hop Chai (Vanilla and Clove) as well as Homemade Ginger Tea.

While you would view the savoury items as a separate entity altogether. House @ Dempsey's range of sandwiches are a definite must try. Fresh from the kitchen, the amicable staff carve cajun chicken, roast beef with herb crumb at the table - you can opt for your protein to be served on either pumpkin seed loaf or turkish bread with optional sides of lettuce, tomato, butter and mayonnaise. Then of course, do not pass up on their Tuna patty sliders - squished between soft fluffy buns, the golden crusted puck contains a hodgepodge of perfectly seasoned tuna mash. Sounds utterly revolting to some, but a strong 'A-lister' in my records.

If you're nursing a real sweet tooth, you might want to take a detour with House's new line of cakes. 

  • A Slice of Paradise ($8.50): Coconut biscuit, mascarpone cream and pineapple
  • Guiltless Chocolate Cake ($10): Gluten free dark chocolate cake with salted caramel and vanilla ice ceram
  • Marilah Onde Onde Cake ($8.50): Pandan sponge layered with Pandan cream and Gula Melaka Sauce
  • It's Berry Chocolatey ($8.50): Red Velvet Sponge paired with tangy Raspberry
  • Citrus Surprise ($8.50): Cheesecake with a coconut base brightened with Yuzu and Lime

Not all hits though, the recommended Marilah Onde Onde cake may taste a bit one dimensional till you drizzle the smoky sweet gula melaka sauce over it's verdant layers. A Slice of Paradise looks enormous on the plate, but having to overcome the revolting idea of an entire spoonful of sweetened cream in your mouth just doesn't float my boat. Opt for the It's Berry Chocolatey instead for a decadent treat offset with the zestiness of raspberry. Total recall.

House's High Tea Party is priced as just $30+++ per adult, kids (6-12 yrs) pay half price while children under 6 get away for free. Do ensure to make your reservations at 64757787 to avoid disappointment as it's  highly apparent that loads of people are harbouring the same thoughts as you - To wile away the afternoon with dainty sweet treats and accompanied by chatterings with the girlfriends, that is.

Dempsey House
8D Dempsey Road
t: 6475 7787

High Tea time: 
Thurs and Fri: 3pm - 5 30pm

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