Tamarind Hill: VITAGEN Less Sugar celebrates SGWeekendFeast

The persistent haze has not stopped Singaporeans from dining out, judging from the turn out at the staggering number of food events in the last few weeks - we deduce that Singaporeans clearly live to eat.

Last weekend, we had the honour of attending the finale of Vitagen's fun-filled #SGWeekendFeast held at the pristine new Tamarind Hill, a modern Thai-Chinese Bar restaurant atop Labrador Hill.

As part of the unique collaboration, celebrity chefs Sam and Forest Leong were both present at their live cooking counters and the couple also came up with a special menu, together with Vitagen inspired drinks and desserts for their guests. Besides having food meticulously prepared from the counter by the duo, we were also supplemented with an endless food supply from the BBQ and buffet station! Talk about a feast...

We started off with the amuse bouche from the buffet table alongside a glass of mint banana apple vitamin shake. With the usual spiciness one would expect from Thai cuisine, I thought the shake, which was utterly refreshing on the palate, served as an excellent complement.

The first course was the Baked Cod with Mango Salsa - oven baked with a layer of fermented bean paste, it was similar to miso, yet you get a tinge of ground coffee in its wake. The cod fats also worked beautifully with the tangy mango and the smoky bean paste.

I had the most expectation for the Grilled Lemongrass Chicken with Green Apple Salad, after learning from Chef Forest how the chicken was painstakingly prepared. Using thin silvers of lemongrass to stuff the chicken and then marinated in lemongrass juice, the chicken is then grilled over medium heat on the charcoal fire, much like how you usually do satay. And during the grilling process, Chef Forest proceeds to oil the protein with a brush, made of what else but a lemongrass stem! I was consumed with longing just by looking at that piece of meat dangling over the flames. As it came to the table, it tasted exactly like how I imagined it to be... perfect if only with a bowl of steaming Thai rice to accompany it.

We ended the meal with some Thai desserts like the popular Mango Sticky Rice and Red Ruby, among a few others. Chef Forest also concocted a refreshing Green Tea Jelly with Vitagen Less Sugar granita and served it with mixed berries - a delightfully cold sweet respite against the sweltering heat, and definitely a welcoming supplement for our digestive systems after the non-stop feasting.

Vitagen is made by fermented skim milk with billions of live probiotic cultures. Specially formulated for consumers who are health-conscious, Vitagen less sugar is the sole cultured milk drink in Spore that is high in prebiotic fibre that aids digestion and suppresses the growth of harmful bacteria in the digestive tract. Major thanks to Vitagen for organising this event and educated us diners on the health benefits of cultured milk.

Tamarind Hill
30 Labrador Villa Road
t: 6278 6364

Operating Hours:
Daily: 12pm - 3pm; 6 30pm - 11pm

Written and Photographed by RamenKing2015, a foodie, who more often than not, is mesmerized by wanderlust and overcome by a sense of purpose to unveil cultural mysteries. Follow his journey here.

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