Big Lazy Chop 大懒排: Where size really does matter.

I love it when restaurants make the ordering process a breeze. 

At Big Lazy Chop, a speciality zi-char stall just a stone's throw away from Rocher MRT; it's exactly like that. First there's the pictorial spread of the menu followed by a clear and concise referral to the specialities of the kitchen via the full page visual on the left side of the fold-out menu. Decisions are usually made fast and furious with a little unease displayed during the choice of sizes for their signature Indo Curry Crayfish Beehoon. $13 gets you a small portion whilst $19 gets you a medium. Here's a quick tip, for two, if the intention is to order ribs and other dishes, make do with the former. However, if you're feeding the alcohol munchies with no other sides as distraction, make a beeline for the medium.

Theatrical effects are kept to a minimal at this place as the air-conditioned settings force the hot-wok action to be stowed away behind closed doors, save for a tiny trap door employed to push the finished dishes out from. But if you listen carefully, the opening of the gas valve and rapid wok-tossing motion adds to the pageantry of dining. The Indo Curry Beehoon ($19 for Medium) can't be faulted. With a pulse-quickening portioning of the piping hot delicacy, the creamy broth redolent with spices has an irresistible quality to it and you slurp on it till the bottom of the claypot is revealed. Crayfish, the ingredient that doesn't appear to have been tampered with, have a depth of flavour from the quick toss in the wok followed by stray curry gravy that takes you by surprise.

The Signature Butter Champagne XL Ribs ($22 for 4) sets is above the crowd, Tender, unctuous at times with smears of candied sweet butter champagne sauce on the straight ribs. These don't crowd the palate, allowing it to fully bathe in the glory that is explosion of natural sweet juices from the ribs itself when you chomp down. Hands in gloves, there's no other way to get around enjoying this treat. The brilliant implementation of butter in the sauce rendering just the optimum amount of aroma to feed the senses when brought up close and personal.

This was one of the best meals by far I've had in 2016, and it was unplanned, decided upon in a spur of the moment - proving that some of the finest things in life, really don't have to be complicated. I most certainly will be back, cause I've been told they have a lunch value set meals priced at $10. What a bargain!

Big Lazy Chop 大懒排
#01-01, 1A Short Street
t: 6238 8443

Operating Hours:
Mon: Closed
Tues-Sun: 11 30am - 2 30pm; 5 30pm - 10 30pm

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