Teepee Bar and Restaurant: Burgers & Cocktails match

Sure, it took me awhile before the shutters on this one were open to actually pay my maiden visit. But I'm certain my somewhat tardiness paid off.

Opened last Wednesday, Teepee Bar Bar is a casual joint hidden behind a non-descript frontage on 31 Hong Kong Street, just opposite the alley way from Pyxiemoss. Judging by the erratic working hours, Teepee is a true-blue all-day dining concept. Churning out hot cuppa joes from 8am in the morning and transiting into 'too-cool-for-school' intimate burger and cocktail bar by night.

Ordering is a walk in the park given the concise menu of a few burgers and rice bowls. I dived in straight for a customised cocktail - a White Negroni, padded with my favourite old suze bitters in place of campari. The result was a sensory overload , the herbaceous root flavor earthing the heady sweet mixture. If you're gunning for one of their signature cocktails, let it be the Dark and Stormy ($16) - Diplomatico rum meets homemade cola syrup and East Imperial's Ginger Beer for a concoction that is as tingling cold as it is fresh and punchy.

Where burgers are concerned, pick the Umami Swiss ($18) featuring a 150g beef patty, caramelised onions and mushroom trio blanketed by melted cheese. Sure, this does bring to mind the Burger King perennial favourite: mushroom swiss, only BETTER! Pick it up between your fingers and dig in, safe to say this needs about 3 napkins but I managed with 1. The challenges were aplenty as the double slice of thick juicy tomato and lettuce attempt to steal the limelight with every bite; I removed those successfully in order to enjoy my burger in its full glory.

The partner's Buttermilk Chicken ($17) burger did have a nice ring to it, with brined chicken thigh, apple raisin slaw, cheese and caramelised onion. The amalgamation worked miraculously, although he did feel that the protein was a little too turgid to the bite. 'It's chicken thigh, honey'.

For what it's worth, Teepee Bar and restaurant serves as an idyllic den for escapism from the world and indulgence of the burger sort. They do have a couple of rice bowls on the menu for those on the prowl for something a little more 'hipsterish', but for me, the familiar formula of burgers is unavoidable. And for that, I can safely say I will be back to suss out the rest of the burger menu.

p.s. I hear they are running a 31% off promotion till the end of the year. With the exception of Public Holidays and the day before public holidays, meaning that today is technically the LAST day you get to enjoy a big cut off your bill. Jump on it!

Teepee Bar and Restaurant
31 Hong Kong Street #01-02
t: 6225 0025

Operating Hours:
Mon - Sat: 8am - 12pm
Sun: Closed

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