Ichiban Boshi's Newest Outlet (Century Square) unveils Kyushu Ryori specialty menu

Said dish above looks pretty tasty, but do not be fooled. After all, Instagram isn't reality, so we implore you to come armed with NO expectations.

Ichiban Boshi makes its mark on the newly renovated Century Square, sporting the spanking brand new feels and voguish looks of an open concept kitchen.

At this new outlet,  we were egged on to try the new menu which highlights Kyushu cuisine. There was The Mentai Hakata Nabe Gozen ($26.90), a deceptively bountiful looking set meal that features thick folds of mentaiko (spicy cod roe) and kurobuta in a chicken broth served with silver-striped round herring. To complete the meal, there are sides of fresh sashimi, deep-fried shishami and vegetable tempura. Blame it on my ignorance but this might just be the first time I've encountered mentaiko served in this form; usually an ingredient widely cherished, it's appearance strike me as obscene - not at all appetising. The chicken broth, however, is fresh and light, sparingly seasoned so much so that it's positions itself as the perfect cold remedy.

The Jigokudaki Udon ($14.90) is a warm dipping style udon served with black pork, poached egg and vegetables. Worlds apart from the usual udon dishes at Ichiban, which aren't transcendent but reliable at the very least - the new udon is not quite the case. The dip, so cloyingly salty that it rendered the plain boiled udon inedible. Have you ever ingested sea water by accident? - Yes, I would liken my experience with this dish to an unfortunate accident such as that. Needless to say, I left more than half the serving untouched. What a waste.

Perhaps the chefs were having a bad day in the kitchen, however, it is not my place to be making excuses for their inadequacies. Here's a piece of advice: Stick to the classic menu. Your stomach will thank you for it.

Ichiban Boshi
Century Square
2 Tampines Central 5
t: +65 6260 1273

Operating Hours:
Daily: 11am - 10pm

Words and photos by Belinda Yong who wishes that every time of the day is food o' clock. She loves trying new cuisines and creations,  and prays hard for a higher metabolism.

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