midnght baker once more

Midnight Baker once more...

Strangely, orders have been picking up in recent days. Guess pple are just more prone to ordering cakes when the school term is about to start. Pretty strange a trend. but oh well, at least it keeps me occupied. plus it allows me to use my creative edge... the more common practise nowadays wld be customers contacting me for their need of cakes whether it be for birthdays or personal consumption yet not knowing what exactly do they want. Even any amount of prompting is in vain in such a circumstance... my attempt at trying to understand my clients character before making suggestions for cakes are somewhat frustrating yet interesting and fun on the other hand. Fitting a cake to the style of the befitter is somewhat lyke finding a perfect shirt for a man. has to look good on him and suits his taste... A challenge indeed.

This wkend, i was given the task of baking for Ruth (abi's sista.) oh yesh..here's a happie bdae greeting going out to the sweet girl!!! and here's the cake i made for her birthday upon the request of her sister who asked me to work with a gothic theme. i was lyke 'HUH' when i heard tt. i mean..'gothic?!?!' wat in the world is that supposed to mean? wld tt mean i had to dye the whole cake black..tt wld just be plain scary. haha. so i decided to venture out from the theme and feature something saccharine on the surface but deep and dark on the insides. Hence i came up with this Chocolate rum Strawberry Cheese Charlotte. Forgive me for the long name yar. but tts the only way to describe the layout of the entire cake.

On the inside was rum soaked chocolate sponge layered btw cinammon infused cream cheese with whole strawberries to boost its flavor and honeyed appearance. On the outside, the cake was then topped off with more cream cheese and a generous layer of cocoa powder and then surrounded by lady's fingers held together by a delicate bow.
hoped the family enjoyed the cake though... pretty apprehensive about the taste of this cake... though i hold certain doubts tt its result is one measured better than edible. *sigh*
Next up was a coffee themed cake ordered by a fren on behalf of his bro's godparents. now this wasn't too much of a challenge since coffee flavoured cakes were fewer and hence the choice wasn't too hard to make. so this is it after the jump, a aromatic walnut coffee cake with coffee cream.

Now the exhausted baker has to hit the sheet. She craves for sweets and sugary stuff no more.. just her beauty sleep. Nite!

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