Oreo Cookie Cake

Oreo Cookie Cake -- a tribute to Oreos

What is black, round, crunchy with a super soft and not to mention sugary sweet cream centre? tt wld have to be the OREO COOKIE!

without a doubt, the oreo cookie is a trademark of the nabisco corporation, an indomitable icon of the biscuit world, something tt cannot be mimicked. henceforth the lack of competition in this type of biscuits as compared to the other kinds, etc, peanut butter, blah blah. There are several ways of eating this little delight, twist it, lick it, dunk it, being the most famous one. others lyke the rather strange pairing off with chunky peanut butter before popping it into ur mouth, may seem quite gross to some but a delight to others. in other words, its personal.

For me,my prefered style of eating this little gem wld be to twist the sandwich open with both fingers, dip the creme side of the biscuit into a glass of cold milk till it becomes semi soft before putting it to my mouth, allowing the soft biscuit to melt within. Then the other side i eat no frills... slightly bitter, with its crunchiness still intact... all these away from the watchful eyes of the public of course, u never wanna be caught laughing out aloud of teeth as black as soot! *hehe* Wat's yours?
This cookie was the inspiration for a bdae boi's cake as suggested by his close fren. Much to my relief as it spared me the effort of having to rack my brains again. Two layers of moist chocolate cake sandwiched btw fresh vanilla whipped cream and chunky oreo bits in btw. This was topped off with more cream and crowned by several more pieces of the lovely cookie.. certainly made for the oreo cookie fanatic *praying tt he is one*. haha.
In the end, it got good reviews from some in the crowd. Thank guys.. *phew*...was in a state of paranoia thinking tt the cream wld melt alongst the way to school given the warm temperatures outside. Thank goodness everything was still intact when i reached the destination... Now gotta think of alternatives to whipped cream for school deliveries. too much risk at hand. *argh*

Meanwhile its off to bed early for me. More orders arriving tmr, plus its Mummy's not to mention my aunt's bdae as well (since they are identical twins). Gosh..i smell double trouble already. *tee hee*. Sleep, i crave for slp. my threshold draws near. Perhaps its time to back off a little...

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