National Day

Singapore's Birthday

pretty much had a nice time out with the aero peeps at padang having our mini picnic and viewing the national day procession. the atmosphere there was lively, probably due to the huge crowd tt had gathered in tt one part of the island. it was so packed to the extent that movement to outside one fullerton was almost impossible. But thank goodness we were able to settle down on a cosy spot on the grass patch on padang with some floor mats courtesy of our dearest uncle rooney. Xie xie ni. Food was sponsered by Pingting and I. there were chocolate muffins, sandwiches, sausages and my lemon poppyseed cake which proved a little too soury for most to withstand. oh well, guess my fetish for sour stuff is kicking up a notch lately.

strange.. the turnout was pretty good. 10 pple, mostly couples but it was better than nothing i figured.

At least we did enjoy ourselves out there and the weather was very forgiving. with slight winds and alovely breeze blowing across the crowded field throughout the entire evening.
the fireworks which were the highlight of the show were nothing to shout about. but then again, tt was our whole reason for going in the first place, so we did pay slightly higher attention to it. they were not bad i must say but nothing impressive. All in all, it was a great gathering with the aero peeps. relaxing and laid back. think we shld do this more often yeh guys.. haha. oh well, tts all from me, exhausted after today. *yawnz*.. think i've gotta hit the sheets earlier tonight.

Au revoir...

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