Happy CNY

Happy Chinese New Year

(from Pulau Lang Tengah -- Redang)
greetings from MSIA!!! gong xi fa cai and xing nian mong en! having a fab time over here in the beautiful island of Pulau Lang Tengah a few kilometres off its bigger neighbour Pulau Redang.

okie. so wat are we doing here in Malaysia when its chinese new year?

oh well, guess its family practise.. cny escapism. hehe. parents joke tt they ain't have enough money to pack red packets but in actuality, this trip probably costs more. (i think). but its rewards are more as well. Binding as a family certainly ain't easy now a days. Even simply getting the whole family here to have dinner together is a rare occasion. So here are some snippets of the trip. Promise i'll load the rest of the photos upon my return. *smilez*

so wats the trip about. Lets put it simply.. its about the sun and beaches! gimme more!!!

about good food! and erm.. MORE good food!!!and wats more impt.. sunset gospels.. and sharings with the family. ... tts more impt than anything else in the world..

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