Rainbow falls

Why are there so many songs about Rainbows?
and whats on the other side...
those are the lyrics to one of my all time favourite song.. sang by Kermit the Frog.. SERIOUS.. its the rainbow song. well.. legend has it tt if u can find the end of the rainbow, you will suceed in finding the pot of gold tt lies at the end of it as well. hehe. knowing tt, i HAD to had to sign up for the rainbow falls trip organised by odac. and who else who i pull along besides babe? *sniggers*

so lets see, the trip came off to a good start with a late night bus ride from Larkin Johor to the Kuantan bus terminal. a 4 hours drive up, pretty fast if u ask me for a 500+ km distance. the uncle was probably travelling at a whopping 120km per hour.. gosh.. i fear for my life sometimes. But still, sleep was ample on the bus.
By the time we reached Kuantan and travelled by another bus to the town of Lembing.. it was still 5 o clock in the morning. I was greeted to the sights of a ghosttown with deserted streets and randomly lit street lamps. Scary if u ask me but thankfully the air was fresh due to completely wildnerness in the surroundings. the rest of the group were more or less hyped up and prepared for the climb to start.

Next we loaded up onto the lorries and 4WD to carry the group of us to the foot of the climb. Little did i expect this drive to roughly over an hour long. gosh.. by the end of it, my butt was aching from the frequent bumps on the paths and my face itched from having passing branches whip your face as u travelled across the uneven roads. it was a thrilling experience through as the chilly winds and the night skies heightened the experience and created a sense of misguided adventure.

us on the 4WD
By the time we had arrived at the start of the climbing trail, dawn had broken. everyone was rather weary from the long rides tt required a substantial amount of energy to sit still and resist the defying motions of the swaying vehicles as they made its way thru the undergrowth.
all in all, the climb was rather easy with the group being spilt up several times along the way probably due to differences in skill level. not so seasoned climbers struggled to keep up with the pack, whereas the stronger ones lead the way at a comfortable pace.
i dread walking on the stony rock paths though as i didn't have a very strong ankle to vouch for, neither did i have a very good sense of balance. my only pillar of strength, babe, whom i refused to accept any help from at first but relented towards the end as dehydration and fatigued kicked in on the way down.
finally after a rather short climb, we reached our destination where we were treated to a rather grand sighting. a sharp drop of the granite cliffs with a strange floating platform of green growth and a pool of water below a cascafing waterfall tt dropped off the 100m cliffs. I was awed initially by the grand spectacle of nature. Of course i've seen better but not for a long time since. Hence, a moment to connect with nature was indeed a precious time for me. A gush of cold air tt was generated due to the cascading waters off the high cliffs were a welcome treat for us, the tired climbers as we finished the ascent.
Swimming thru the waters was no joke though as the waters were a frigid cold unwelcoming temperature which i shunned as i waded thru the pool. my gosh.. it was so cold tt i had goosebumps all throughout the time tt i stayed ard the waterfalls...
Still, Babe and i managed to capture a few pictures together. it was memorable for us as it was the first time we were overseas together. Wats more, spending time doing something adventourous together made it seem much more meaningful as compared to spending a normal weekend shopping, eating and other mundane stuff together. glad he was here with me...
here are the trip i.c s in the shot above. thank you yilin and weillong for bringing us this marvellous trip!

looking up...
i love you babe!

pity the waters were rather sacare tt day leading to a very very faint rainbow to be formed. hearsay tt its possible to see even 2 waterfalls at times...*sigh*

after climbing down and taking a bus back to Kuantan where we went on to check into our backpackers inn at Luxury hotel (wat irony), the rest of the evening was free and easy. So instead of joining the others for games and movies, i decided to bring babe to my usual haunt here at Kuantan. the area near Hyatt Hotel, home to the lovely stretch of beach which is reallie reallie popular among couples. too bad, i forgot to bring my camera along hence there are no photos for this segment of the trip. but for keep sakes, i shall narrate it! hehe. so babe and i spent the moments before sunset clambering up the stone boulders along the beach and lying there in eachs arms as we enjoyedthe sea breeze and the crashing of the waves on the shores. after tt we walked along the sandy beaches to hyatt hotel where we enjoyed a sumptious dinner and were treated to some 'eye candy' (or rather not.. spoilt our appetites in fact.. haha). nonetheless, we enjoyed each others company in the presence of a perfect ambience coupled by a strong sea breeze.
the next day, we embarked on the journey home.. hmph.. with our private stash of secret recipe cakes of course! now.. we cldn't resist tt! hehe.

Cakes from Secret Recipe...

now.. its back to reality.. back to work.. *sulks*

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