Spain and Portugal part 5

Spain and Portugal Part 5
25th -26th Dec => Lisbon -> Seville -> Gibraltar -> Costa Del Sol

okie so i knoe its a bit late but oh well.. wats a story without an end? so here i am setting my mind to get the whole trip review at least by the next week. lets pray this gets done yar. hehe.

So in this part of the long forgotten journey.. we left the fair banks of lisbon across a long long bridge to the other end beyond the blocks of clouds tt have gathered on the surface of the frigid waters. then we travelled back to Spain to continue on the journey of the capital of Andulusia region - Seville. the ride was long and time stretched on forever.
Lunch was a problem too as hardly any restaurants nor cafes were open due to the onset of xmas day. In europe, most pple would take xmas breaks tt lasted from xmas eve to new years day itself. we braced ourself to face a ghost town of a city anyway, with a slight dwelling of hope that possibly there would be mini celebrations held in the city.

Meantime, the lunch stop over was at a "ghost-city" look alike settlement with empty dusty streets and closed windows. Scary i might say. the meal was less than satisfactory with its over the top 'lean' cut of meats. Argh.. terribly dry and chewy. so we had no choice but to snack on little tibits to appese the hunger pangs. 'sin'ful of course. but when you're hungry, anything goes!

it was soon after lunch that we reached seville and started our tour of the place. viewing the alcazar and the jewish quarter of Santa Cruz.
dirty little boi.. hahadun you just love the tiled floors.. adroably cute thing extremely endearings about the town of Seville are the millions of orange trees lining the streets of Seville. Incredibly bright orange, then u may question why these dun get plucked down by residents? well, these are bitter oranges! lyke inedible-y bitter, well, so wat the government does at the end of the season is to gather the oranges and ship them to Britan where they are made into lovely jars of marmalade! how quaint! just love the idea... hehe the setting sun over the fountain
Seville by night...
the next day, we woke up bright and early to get a head start on the journey down to Gibraltar, and independent colony under British colonial ruling. so everyone! get ur passports ready. hehe. as soon as crossed over the narrow strip of land joining mainland Spain and the little rock fortress. a incredible sense of homeliness washed over me. Perhaps i'm too used to living on a little island. restrictions of space and the lack of vastness of the land seems a little appealing. this island, though small, had a very strategic part to play in the first world war, proving to be a major stronghold for the British. from this little landmark, you could seee the Mainland Spain, and over the seas, the most northern end of the african continent, Morocco. Amazing ain't it. there was more to it than tt. this island is said to be one of the most densely populated islands in the world and this i agreed upon viewing the houses built on the sloped hills of land. oh gosh, the houses were so tight, driving was an extremely thrilling task since the narrow streets and cobbled pathways made manuevering the streets almost impossible (given my less than perfect driving capabilities. haha)another star attraction of the tiny island are its large populations of macque, a monkey of course.
well, i can say tt they are extremel friendly as well. Got mobbed by this one (the one staring at me in the photo). it stared at me for an impossibly long time before putting its tiny little fist on my shoe. the next moment it had jumped onto me and started its ascent up to my shoulder.. argh.. help me. i wasn't exactly too happie about but having a monkey's fist wrapped around your finger can be quite an enlightening feeling. haha. i reckon its my furry collar tt beckoned to it to make the leap. Probably looked lyke a possible mate in some way. gross..*shudders*

After viewing St michael's cave and ape's den? we the moved on towards the resort town of Torremolinos for our overnight stay. and since we reached rather early, we made a stop over to view the scenic over view of our rest location from on top a hill. lovely suggestion aside from the fact that it was freezing cold plus the abnormal winds blowing from the seas weren't helping much either. Only consolation.. the roasted honey almond nuts that we bought along the way. gosh.. now tts heaven. hot caramelised sugar coating with every nutty bite. *yumz*..
the usually loud mummy acting shy in front of the camera..
kiosk selling caramelised almond nuts!
and finally, i shall end off this post with a lovely picture of our buffet dinner served up at the resturant. oh gosh.. the spread was gorgeous with the meatballs in tomato sauce stealing the show. hehe. one of the best dinners we had in Spain.

and if you've lost me somehow.. we'll meet at the desserts table! haha.

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