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lazy? tts me! guess i've reallie been neglected my blog the past few weeks. worse still my dear cammie has crashed on me a few weeks back and i'm still procrastinating on proceeding with its repair. guess everything around here is lyke me, old and wearing out. *bah*

on the contrary, life may not be as dull as it appears on my blog. to claire: yesh! i've been baking. in fact loads!!! mostly for orders of course... often baking the nights away, landing up with only a few meagre hours of slp under my belt a day before i head for work. haha. and of course the food reviews never cease! have been writing up reviews for Hungry Go Where. com (HGW). pity tt i haven't had the time to complete the experience with photos or much less update those reviews onto my blog. bah. lazy me!!! just an update in a flash... had delicious yogurt at Holland V's latest addition Frolick! adore the tangyness and creamy texture of the yogurt. feasted on a healthy tartine at frensh at vivocity. oh how i dig zucchini and grilled eggplants! completed the meal with a delish tiramisu laden with amaretto and a humble piece of warm apple crumble (not tt it wasn't good, coz it WAS!). Enjoyed a lovely Sunday breakfast with the family at a lovely little bakery at holland village (once again), Provence, a japanese inspired bakery, u shld try out the blueberry cream cheese bun! a warm custard cheese layer emerges from under the crackling layer of cream cheese on the top with every bite, the fullness of the blueberries compliments the soft bread and cheese..oww..orgasm!! hiyah!! last but not least, divine desserts at canele patesserie as well as deluxe cafe... gosh.. life can be sooo sweet sometimes! okie.. do pls go check out the complete reviews at HGW, its a wonderful site by the way for those clueless as to where to dine with the lover or chill out with the buddies. *cheers*
an ordered cake, chocolate sponge laden with sugar syrup doused in rum, filled with vanilla cream studded with oodles of valrhona chocolate pearls and almond meal for tt nutty texture and topped with dark chocolate ganache.
so here as promised are some photos of the Singapore Airshow. not a lot though but at least there's something! haha.
well, there are definitely perks working in a large company lyke Embraer. free trade passes worth $50 dollars each. you should check out their chalet/stand. its HUGE!!! lyke mini houses built up from scratch on the airfield. Best still, we get to access those and enjoy a scrumptious buffet lunch tt was catered. oh gosh.. i can't stop raving about the grilled eggplant tt day! divine.. need i say, the dessert spread was exquisite as well. okie okie.. back to the point, the airshow this year was pretty much the same from the first year apart from the change of venue (changi exhibition centre = much more spacious and less cluttered) and the change in status (woots.. we enter as employees of Embraer. now tts cool!). the static display by the black knights was impressive, involving heart0stopping action (trust me, my heart skipped a beat whenever the planes flew pass each other in head to head collision style. it was madness!). the sound was excutiating to the ears though... nonetheless, the airshow provided us an opportunity to grasp hold of the aerospace industry and its supporting industries all under one roof.
rolls royce publicity poster featuring NTU aerospace students! (below)
the humongous A380 upclose and personal!

did i mention tt we got the chance to board and tour the legacy 600, a proud feature of the Embraer's line of exectuive jets?.. its' a beauty both inside and out. boosting comfortable leather chairs in sandy shade and retractable table tops of smooth marble. gorgeous

Embraer's Legacy 600

Me in the cockpit.. be very afraid...

yep.. and i'm afraid tts all folks.. hehe. silly me didnt bother with taking too many photographs. now i'm kind of regretting it. haha. Alright. to end off the post, here are lost and found photo from the back part of the Msia trip during the cny holidays. tts all for now!

IA guys.. stick it in!

next updates: Rainbow Falls Trip with ODAC

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