all but a little green-eyed

All but a litte green-eyed

Orchidville New Forrest Restaurant


Well, let's just say that if you have extreme intolerance for the color green then this place certainly isn't the ideal dining surroundings for you. Walls splashed audaciously with the leafiest green, twigs and branches in random assortment dangling from the ceilings accompanied by naturally draped ferns; orchid balls and twig-caged lightings illuminate the room. Diners would spend half of the time staring at awe at the flora around them, a scene lesser known to them due to the better known choice of chic urban decor widely found in most establishments.

Orchidville's New Forrest Restaurant situated in the midst of an orchidville (DUH!) and an agrotechnology centre specialises in chinese cuisine with a bit of a spin on the classics. Having been invited for dinner by Zh's dad with his brother. My feelings of being compelled were exchanged for more pleasant waves later in the evening when I came to saw the location.


Being a fan of flora and fauna and basically all things nature, I came to love this place. Once we stepped into the halls decked out in an omnious shade of green, I was overcomed by a wave of peace. Green, that is its immediate effect on me.


Dinner was without a doubt one of those 10 course, long chinese dinners that made you tired just by the slow ardious process of plate changing and listening to the urges of the elders to 'eat more'. The courses that were the most memorable were definitely the pork knuckle and the 'buddha jump over the wall'. The former was cooked in a style that was almost akin to the German pork knuckle. Braised first and fried after. This produced a crisp outer skin to be chipped away with succulently moist meat below. Wrapped in lettuce and eaten with ginger and hot sweet sauce; this dish was immensely enjoyable when tucked in to by everyone round the table. The other dish was a soup served up in individual portions, filled with a mixture of fine ingredients such as scallops, fish maw and shark's fin. This dish proved to be physically and psychollogically rich; the soup base a fine balance of flavors with red dates and thinly sliced ginger. *yum*

The rest of the dishes were just slightly over average with the better half of them almost 'forgettable'. But still, the location and ambience prove to be a major draw factor for most the crowds. Take into account that there was a company function going on in the room next to ours. Yes, so business was brisk. Still, I can't help but think of the improvements that could have been made thru a renovation and refurbishment of the dilapitated exterior patio; now boreing only the stains left by the partying crowds that once flooded the area.

If only...


Orchidville New Forrest Restaurant
10 Lorong Lada Hitam
Mandai Agrotechnology Park

Tel: 6552 7003



ladyironchef said...

wow! this place is nice man, but super ulu. how to get there? how much is the food eh?

SiHaN said...

haha. people will usually drive there. But its actually opposite the road from the entrance to the zoo along mandai road. So you could hop on bus 171 though. hha.

I'm not sure how much it would cost average. But we had the 10 course dinner which set us back at around $50 per person with a whole lot of discounts given that my bf's mum does the accounts for the place. hehe.