Where the horses roam...

'oh give me a home, where the white horses roam...'


' Popo! i want a horse!!!'

Wild exclaimations filled the Chrysler as we pulled up into the parking area. A joint parking lot for both Mimolette and Riders Cafe, the distance a vast difference from that featured on the HGW site. The two in clear sight of each other.

With the many large horses trotting around, their trainers in tow dressed in slacks and hardy helmets looking almost as fit as the horses themselves; it is no wonder that one would be fascinated at the settings. I myself was immersed in a landslide of thoughts and dreams as I starred out into the stables not far below from the cafe's patio.


What I liked about riders cafe; sentiments which i shared with my dining accomplices and many other patrons alike; was the laidback settings of the place. With a cottage feel, high ceiling fans, greenery all around and the frequent sightings of the majestic horses taking their morning strolls outside; it was that easy to be charmed. It's no wonder this place is often full during weekend brunch hours...


The menu was simple.. no fuss at all. And the food was quick to arrive all around the table. I had the norwegian benedict and a cappuccino to match up. Whereas others ordered the egg benny and riders breakfast. Overall, the poached eggs were wonderfully executed and the smoked salmon providing a savoury contrast to the sour hollandaise sauce. One thing that my brother noticed was that the hollandaise sauce was hardly as aromatic or sour as it should conventionally be. I suppose they did this batch in a hurry or perhaps altered it to suit the asian palette as many would think that the sour taste meant that the eggs had gone bad. haha. Another gripe was the toughness of the muffin exterior after toasting.. the knives proved almost inadequate in the task of producing bite sized pieces.. *sulks*. But still, definitely worth its price tag of $12. (note that panfried potato cubes and freshly sliced fruits and berries were plated on the side. extremely delish!!). *burp*.. my cravings for eggs benedict have been satisfied!


Coffee served was Grinders coffee which in general was done quite well. No signs of burnt beans of milk. A tad diluted though. But that's acceptable for me. Had many worsts experiences in my life before.


Dining accomplices included our gracious guest Popo. Glad that she enjoyed herself, peeping over the railings for an occasional glance at the horses prancing impatiently in their stables. Guess a little fresh air and greenery once in a while can do wonders for the soul. Others present were Er-yi, Dayima, Mummy, Kor and Velda. Some sort of farewell procession for the brother (aka Kor) who would be heading back to heat-stricken Melbourne later that day.



Perhaps it would be another year before I see him again. I will miss his annoying little ways, his gaping look of concentration in the midst of gaming, his pestering bombardment questions regarding his girlfriend and many other strange habits. Strange how life can take you apart to so many different places, but still bring you back together in the end. Like footprints in the sand that never vanish.


I'm sure that someway or another, our lives will cross their paths soon. See you soon Kor!


evan 이벤젤린 said...

woot, the ambience looks really nice!! and the poached eggs' only $12?? that's really cheap lor, somemore it comes with fruits & potato cubes (and the asparagus). ok, gonna put this place on my list :p

Vicki said...

Great pics! The food looks so colorful and mouthwateringly scrumptious!

Flourchild said...

Oh my I need that food! How are you? I do so enjoy your pictures and blog!

Fen said...

Your photos look so lovely, simply adore the vibrant colours your photos adopt and the light hearted feel you bring into them...

Can sense your close relationship with your kor... he is lucky to have such a thoughtful sis...

SiHaN said...

Evan: yeh babe. It's really value for money! the only prob is you've gotta drive in coz its a very long walk in. plus there ain't any air conditioning so you'll be all sweat by the time you reach. Not a very comforting thought..

Vicki: Thanks girl! Saw your photos for 7atenine. Awesome! love the construction of the plated dishes..

Flourchild: haha. I've been fine michelle! getting by with lots of food in my tummy. haha. Thanks for visiting my blog all the time! *hugz*

Fen: guess the lightheartedness of the place just rubs off on the photos themselves. It's reallie a very relaxing place.

me thoughtful? haha. he wld probably vouch against that. haha. But yeh, I'm grateful to have him as my role model.

ladyironchef said...

i love this place man. Been there three times, but unfortunately on all occasions didn't eat anything. First time my friend drove in but we jus look look see see. Then second and third time i jog from my house to there, to take in the fresh air and look at horsies. haha

Weili said...

wah ginseng, the last part sounds so sad, haa..you'll see your brother soon =)

SiHaN said...

LIC: you jogged all the way there? that's pretty far yar! haah. But the run in must have been nice. Stop by next time for some brunch. Ambience is really nice.

Weili: haha. I'm not really sad lar. Just feels like something is missing. I know I'll see him soon. *cheers*

George said...

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