Some kind of wonderful..

Some kind of wonderful...

and as promised. A peek into my 2 days of valentines'. 2 days of soft reminder that he is and has always been there for me.

'Some people may require coffee to start their day.. but my day would never start without hearing your voice and a kiss...'


so early morning, it was off to East Coast Park after a terribly exhilarating miss of our boat to st. john's (better luck next time!); all these done with sluggish footsteps and tiny whimpers of fatigue. Yet, in each other's presence, all was restored. Brunch was served up from our flashy red picnic basket. Shepherd's Pie which I had prepared even earlier that morning, chicken cheese sausages and a box of black grapes hailing from capetown. For that tiny space in time, life never seemed so simple before. With the wind billowing along the ungamingly straight coastline, hands clasped around the warm tray whilst dipping our spoons into the dish almost a little too eagerly, loving gazes exchanged occasionally... I wish I could do this everyday.


Then I found the root to the entire magical experience casted. It was you... Just being close to you.


yep.. YOU orite.. =D


Yet despite the kisses and verbal exchange during our excursion.. I still needed my caffeine fix. gosh. guess it doesn't apply to me.. haha. The coffee from oldtown white coffee worked its wonders.

and finally.. a movie marathon! Slumdog Millionaire @ amk followed by Valkyrie @ Vivo. For me, I enjoyed Slumdog more. A potrayal of the humble and almost unimaginable living conditions of the Indian Slums, Slumdog strikes its viewers hard and fast with vibrant pictures and loud backgrounds sounds of the life of a slumdog. Racial Riots, Child abuse, Political Struggle and Social Imbalance are the highlights of the film. Educational and nonetheless romantic in a different sort of way.


some shots taken from the roof of Vivocity whilst finishing up the second portion of our picnic food. Now.. talk about budgeted valentines' day!



'I promise I would love you with all I have. Ever.'

The next day...

Tuanqi's special V-day outing @ Botanical Gardens!
I'll just leave you with the photos...




after a mini song session whilst waiting for the late comers to stream in (can't blame anyone yar.. 10am meeting at the park is surely a mean feat especially on a Saturday!) and sharings from Kee Zhi and Velda.. it was time for refreshments and games!


The twister game courtesy of Zhiheng was invigorating and sure worked some of those inflexible muscles...I could have sworn I overstretched my calf in a squatting stance with my arms twisted below me. argh...


finally.. a group shot! A major thanks to everyone for coming and to Ruth for preparing the lovely refreshments for us!


Next up.. on the road to Old Skool Sinema at Mt. Sophia for a movie! 'Carrot Cake Conversations.' Love the plush red cushions and free seatings @ the theatre. Though a really small one with minimal shows, mostly local productions with a more artistic flair; the sinema seemed like a real popular place to go, or maybe it was just the valentines' weekend...



And to end the day off... Another cheap meal with the best companion in the world. Nothing beats that.


A plate of Carrot Cake anyone?


evan 이벤젤린 said...

girl, did u cut yr hair or something? :D and u watched two movies in a day!! i caught benjamin button that day, and i LOVE IT! actually i love brad pitt more :p he's omgggg.

i wanna go old school too! my former art teacher has a studio there, i wanna go visit him! and i've been trying to arrange our outings, why are u always away on MSN? :(

Fen said...

Wow, lovely write-up... Guess it is something different from a conventional Valentine without spending money on flowers and candle-light dinners...

Btw, what is old school all about? restaurant? cinema? I saw it on your blog, Vicki's and Brad's... Hmm...

OMG, you caught both movies which Yuan wanna watch... haha...

SiHaN said...

Evan: yeh.. i wrecked my fringe and hacked some layers into my hair.. terrible! haha.

Yeh.. i loved benjamin buttons too! Brad pitt is soo hot! Glad u liked it.

Oh. wow. you mean your teached has a studio there? cool bengs! you must go visit him and take some nice shots of the place. Anyway, ben busy lately planning my trip to Australia. A lot of stuff to look at. How's our outing for the month?

Fen: Thanks Fen! Hope that you and Yuan enjoyed your V-day as well! It was certainly different.. but much more memorable this way.

Old Skool arh. its an arty farty place lor. You could go check out their website. Lots of art studios there, Timbre is there and Sinema is there too (featuring local and regional art films). A Cool concept but rather non-descript to say the least.

and yeh..I'm a movie buff. Even watched the reader (reallie good!), defiance, Bride Wars and Changeling! There's a whole bunch of really good movies out this season. So no choice! haha. Gotta burst the banks...

evan 이벤젤린 said...

you're going to OZ? when? our outing has to depend on what flutes hv rite? else anywhere (on our list) is fine lor. i really DO wanna check out laurent bernard tho'. shall we go there? i'm dyyyying to go but also has to depend on when they hv plasir sucre, unless you don't mind not having it. i'm fine any day nx week!

April said...

Beautiful photos, my husband's favorite part of Singapore (besides the food) was the Botanic Gardens.

The Food Librarian said...

How lovely!!! It is always beautiful to see a couple in love.