our trip to the barrage - documented

Our trip to the Barrage - documented

Metallic grey streaks stretched the skies. An obvious sign of the torrential rains to come. Yet the water in the bay's reservoir remained a state of calm despite the strong winds and undulating water levels on the outside. Miracles of the barrage. Made to prevent floodings of the lowlying areas in the city region during the rainy seasons and eventually to bring in more water when the levels are lower; the barrage instantly converted our exposed bay area into a reservoirs of sorts. A idea I found redundant at first but came to appreciate in my round trip of the foundation's gallery.


babe squinting thru the reflected lights bouncing off the water surface. as cute as ever...

looking over

looking onward at the throngs of people that have gathered at the rest areas spaced out along the barrage.



and we walked up the colossal arena from the basement up a rounded slope to the turfed rooftop of the building. We took a few moments to absorb in the sights of Singapore. One that was constantly on a hungry journey for upgrade. The skyline was no longer recognisable, like a child in the stage of puberty with an everchanging face. I shuffled my feet, the breeze stealing my breathe away as i gazed in admiration at how far we've come. You and I.


The Singapore Flyer, a gargantuan wheel being the focal point of many shots was a welcome addition of course. Still, I resist the temptations to take a ride unless the prices did tumble overnight. haah.



dotted with ongoing constructions.. I've only one word to describe it. fugly..


evan 이벤젤린 said...

woot, love your photos dearie! i've only been to the barrage once at night, wanna go again in the day sometime soon :D

Fen said...

Nice pictures... It is unbelievable that your pictures are taken by a P&S... They are always so lovely, particularly the shot that overlooks the water, with the Singapore Flyer in the background...

Looks like it is a great day out with Zhiheng :D

EteL said...

love ur photos, nice! and sweet entry! :) urs n evan dar's songs, i love! <3

SiHaN said...

Evan: farnie.. i want to go there at night. how contrary. hehe.

Fen: Thanks Fen dear. hehe. If only the sun was a little brighter. Things would have looked much nicer.

Etel: My songs are nothing compared to Evan's lor.. she's like a jazz guru or something. haha. people actually listen to her songs as their own mp3 list at night lor.. haha.

evan 이벤젤린 said...

stop making me laugh!! you crack me up with the 'jazz guru' thingy. and whoever listens to my own songs at night besides myself? haha

btw i've been staring at your series of pics under 'the gurl who smiles and cries' at the sidebar and i don't think you bear any resemblance to those photos!! were they taken like when you were 15 or something? LOL! you're like 10000x prettier than the pics ok? time to change them :p

Fen said...

Talking about photos, I thought the photo Sihan has on her blogger profile looks more different than how she looks now... Yea, she is definitely prettier as the days go by, probably due to essence of love, sugar and chocolates :D

Maybe we should have desserts picnic at the barracks...

Hmm... jazz guru = Evan, cake guru = Fen... any more gurus coming up >.<

evan 이벤젤린 said...

fen, picnic at the barrage (not barracks) sounds great haha. barracks is at dempsey, unless u wanna go there? hehe.

sihan = love guru! haha.