Fika Swedish Cafe and Bistro: Breaking Fast

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Planning to hit the malls this weekend, and need a casual quick bite? I'm guessing Fika Swedish cafe and bistro situated at Milennia Walk could become one of your best choices.

Stepping into the warm luminance of it's IKEA inspired decked out interior, I was surprised to find the entire establishment filled to the brim. Then, later, not so surprised after the waiter kindly explained to me that my order would be slightly delayed due to priority being given to the guests breaking fast. It dawned upon me... yes.. It's Ramadan after all; and being one of top Halal restaurants in Singapore, it was no wonder business was brisk. Kudos to the waiter for informing me about the company's policy (even so, my food arrived shortly after; another plus point for quick service).

One word of advice, avoid the specialty drinks unless you want your night filled with snide remarks of 'feeling cheated' by your neighboring aunties who very well serve as loud-hailers too. The Trocadero ($7.90) and Nygarda Hallon Soda ($7.90), garbage.

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Moving on to the real deal, the Smoked Salmon Savoury Crepe ($17.90) set flutters of anticipation within me. Despite its fuss free appearance, this cold roulade flaunts a fresh dill mayonnaise that is neither sickeningly sweet nor cloying and has the right level of creaminess, enhanced further by the crunch of raw onions within.

My order of Swedish Homemade Meatballs ($19.50)certainly satisfied my carnivorous appetite on all levels; the creamy sauce that doused the meat, my guilty pleasure. The parsley potatoes on the side balancing out the meal.

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last but not least, the most unassuming dish of the lot turned out to be a real winner. The Langedrag ($16.50) was surprisingly savoury, crunchy, refreshing and delicately sweet all at once. A mix of Swedish fresh water shrimps, sliced hardboiled egg, cherry tomatoes, leek and olives, I adored the assertive mustard based dressing that the greens were tossed in. And I worked my way easily through this huge bowl of salad that looked seemingly bottomless at first.

That being said, service leaves a lot to be desired. Food hits the table even before anyone notices that there isn't a sign of cutlery anywhere to be seen on the table. Inexcusable... Yes, I know I ain't breaking fast; but hey.. please do pay me a bit of attention too alright?

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Fika Swedish Café and Bistro
9 Raffles Boulevard
#01-20 Millenia Walk
Tel: 6336-7234


DerrickTan said...

When I looked at the meatball photo, I thought you are at Ikea.

Sihan said...

Hey Derrick. haha. well i reckon the meatballs here are better than IKEA!