Necessary Provisions: The image of perfect calm

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There are few things one needs when hiding out here from the rest of civilisation.

Number one, a well-made cup of coffee and number two, a kick-ass piece of pandan chiffon cake. (read this to understand my deep rooted love for this sweet treat)

From the same people behind Smitten Coffee, Homebodies and now defunct Henry Congressional, now comes Necessary Provisions. Providing a much needed shot of caffeine into the deprived neighborhood.

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The Barista working on the Spirit model espresso machine by Kees van der Westen; honestly quite a sight for sore eyes given its slick levers and gauges, aerodynamic design and smooth stainless steel surfaces.

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Situated in the introverted neighborhood that is Eng Kong Terraces, Necessary Provisions grants a perfect sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of life in general. The vibe is rustic-chic, industrial cemented floors coexisting with stained wooden communal tables and vintages vases filled with exotic flowers. And despite it's casual settings, the cafe takes their coffee seriously. Much to my delight of course.

Pay a visit sometime, grab a cup of coffee with a loved one, browse at the endless selection of magazine sprawled lovingly on the communal table (pss, it goes full circle), dabble in a bit of wanderlust, nibble at a bit of Pandan Chiffon cake whilst you're day dreaming (the dessert table can be quite alluring at this point, but please don't go overboard), bite the dust and head home to reality once its over.

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the Pandan Chiffon cake does indeed have a great texture, albeit lacking a little with reference to the grassy distinctive fragrance of pandan. Still, a pretty darn good rendition. And my coffee (4oz version), needless to say, was indispensable.

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Necessary Provisions

Address: 21 Eng Kong Terrace Singapore 598993
Tel: 9231 7920

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