Kith Cafe (Sentosa Cove): Breakfast for Champions (CLOSED)

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What happens when off days and public holidays collide?

You get a crescendo of epic dining experiences, boosted by an eager spirit desperate for adventure. So off to Sentosa Cove we went.

Kith cafe located at the Sentosa Quayside Isle is a scene of rigorous activity when we arrived there 10am on Hari Raya Puasa . Take note that since Kith does not take reservations, be prepared to put your patience to the test, as seats are slowly bestowed down the snaking waiting list.

Similar to its other branches, Kith cafe at Sentosa Cove has a light and neutral color palette of shades of greys and cream complemented by the occasional whimsical touches of blackboard covered walls with the in-house menu scribbled on top. Service staff were enthusiastic and attentive, as if feeding off the crowds energy.

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I settled down to a double shot Cappuccino to sooth the nerves, With orders already locked in, we braced ourselves for the next extended period of waiting; an inevitable resolution given the dining area that was filled to the brim.

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About a fair 20 minutes later, our meals touched down at the tables; thank goodness for that since any added suffering of food envy, from coveting my neighbours' food would have sent me into a mental rage. My Mexican Eggs($18) consist of 2 perfectly poached eggs, topped with avocado and mayo, served on 2 slices of thick multigrain bread, with a bed of baby spinach, on the side, a generous serve of smoked salmon christened with black caviar and a dollop of spicy tomato beans. Essentially an eggs benedict with a twist, I adored the overwhelming "greenery" on the plate (that proved a little too small for conducive eating of contradicting large portions), the mixture of textures, freshness of the ingredients and punchy flavors creating a sweet dance of sensations on the palate.

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My mother's Pork Belly Fried Eggs ($20) features a large slab of fat laden braised soya pork belly topped with two sunny side up eggs and finally sprinkled with magic pomegranate seeds. On the side sits a bed of wild rocket leaves with shaved parmesan cheese. The Ciabatta hidden beneath the mound of dark goodness absorbing all the wonderful juices. It might sound like a bit of work to get through, but the melange of flavors worked so well together, she polished off the dish easily.

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We ordered a Strawberry smoothie to conclude the meal, something that I found paled in comparison to the rest of the meal. The sourness of the yogurt used dominating the entire configuration, it could have benefited from a little more honey in the equation.

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A pit stop at Kith Cafe lets one fuel up on gargantuan servings of their signature dishes. Be sure to check out the lunch menu as well while you're at it; I've heard some good stuff about the pasta as well.

31 Ocean Way
Quayside isle
Singapore 098375

Update: Kith Cafe Sentosa Quayisle has ceased operations.

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