Senso Ristorance & Bar: Business or Romance?

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Finding this little enclave amongst the chaos and surplus of bars in the region, Senso ristorante certainly is more than meets the eye. From the outside, it sports a tight, stiff image of reclusivness yet once you step into its cool interiors, you'll be surprised by the expanse of grounds in this restaurant; a lovely courtyard with al fresco dining offers a glimpse of the magical night awaiting to be unfold once the sun sets.

It was lunch and we were quickly led to the tables at the back of the establishment. The atmosphere was stiff, too formal; I broke the eerie silence with a laugh, exclaiming to the waiter who took my order that I would love to have the 'meter-long', referring to the Papardelle XXLong, served with braised wild boar, black taggiasca olives and sundried tomatoes.

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For starters, I had the Burrata Palazzo D.O.P($ 28), Burrata Cheese served with aged San Daniele Ham, rucola salad and grape tomatoes. Strangely, this burrata cheese smelled the same as the writhing of wet towels that had been used multiple times to wipe the tables. I was taken aback by this foreign aroma but then later appeased by its creamy texture. The rucola salad served on the side were dried up and stringy as if dug out from the bottom of a long neglected bag of greens in the fridge. Definitely not a pleasant dish apart from the cured saltiness of the ham which were laid out so gently as a carpet.

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My mains were unfortunately a bit underwhelming as well. The wild boar turned out less gamey and much less robust in flavor than i expected.The braising process reducing the flesh to a texture almost similar to a pork cheek. The sauce, for lack of viscosity clung with measly efforts to the al-dente pasta which I struggled to tear apart with the provision of a spoon and fork as utensils (give me a knife please...)

All in all, I wouldn't be returning so soon just based on this two dishes alone. Better luck with pasta from pasta brava just in the vicinity.

Senso Ristorante and Bar
21 Club St
tel: 6224 3534

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