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Christmas celebrations at The Shopped at Marina Bay Sands veers away from the usual posh nosh fare with the festive season 3-course menu at DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe swooping in to the rescue of all the daddy and mummies in distress, fretting over where to bring the kids to for Christmas celebrations.  

Dishing out American cuisine with a heavy inception of Superhero charm in every aspect - cocoa powder stenciled patterns on drinks to batman shaped carrot cutouts in your soup;  DC Comics Super Hero cafe is perfect for the young ones or perhaps those still flagrantly young at heart. 

This season, the kitchen rallies jovial cheers and incorporates that to their recipes to bring on the festive spirit. The 3-course menu consisting of 2 choices of appetizers, 2 mains and a festive themed dessert as well as a special gift thrown in for good measure - brings the magic of Christmas to the realm of laps of deliciousness. Here's me sizing up the situation... naughty versus nice.

Arkham City X'Mas Minestrone Soup vs. Star of the Wonder (Woman) Salad

Hands down, the salad appeared victorious. Crunchy pomegranate seeds meets greens, dried cranberries, toasted almonds and a refreshing Asian styled vinaigrette. I just wish there were mini stars instead of that huge ass star crouton which proved to be a nuisance on the plate. The former lacked the body of a traditional minestrone and leaned a little too far out on the salt Richter scale to be enjoyed in entirety. Plus points for the batman shaped potatoes and carrots though. 

Batman's Dark Knight Burger (deluxe edition) vs. The Sea King of Atlantis Lobster Tail

Both thoroughly lavish and over the top in nature; the former is their usual in house burger with odds stacked a little higher with the inclusion of a salacious hunk of pan seared foie gras above the patty. I won't say that foie gras and avocado goes well together but the attempt to provide a healthy color contrast between two black buns is definitely heartwarming. On hindsight, the wagyu beef patty was perfectly executed with a good sear on the outside and appropriate temperatures within. If not for the controversial pairing of creamy avocado on top of villainous foie gras, I would have enjoyed this a whole lot better. Once again, brownie points for those exceptionally eye-catching batman buns! Seafood lovers, opt for the Lobster tail, a half lobster with potatoes, brussels sprouts, asparagus, cherry tomato, and lemon butter. Plating may lack a little pizazz, but there's honestly not much you can do to make a lobster tail appear remotely super-heroish.

Superman Winter Solstics-tude dessert

It could have been so right if not for the terrible frozen state that it was delivered in. Not too sure whether it was intended (with reference to its wintry name); but paying for strawberries that had the texture of frozen grapes ain't my idea of a happy ending. If you're got extra room for dessert, you might want to visit the dessert case outback for a more engaging choice of cakes and pastries ranging from the Green Lantern Matcha and adzuki bean cake to the Batman Lemon Meringue Pie.

Note that this Menu is available today (25th Dec) as well as New Year's Eve and New Year's Day (31 Dec and 1 Jan). Priced at $88++ per person including a Christmas memento and a hero cape ; this is sure to satiate the kids.

In the meantime, here's wishing all my readers and loyal followers, a lovely and Blessed Christmas! 

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe
2 Bayfront Avenue
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Bay Level
t: 6688 7610
w: http://www.dschcafe.com
Contact: +65 6688 7610

Operating Hours:
Sun - Thurs: 11 30am - 11pm
Fri - Sat: 11 30am - 11 30pm

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