Cajun on Wheels: Louisiana seafood truck @ Pasarbella

I can't quite recall the last time I had crab. Honestly, I really don't have it to often. The challenge of retaining a stain free shirt at the end of the feasting often the more intimidating factor that would steer me clear of that option. I would say that being a klutz has been a major deterrent in my choice to partake in crab, but the more poignant reason would be plain laziness. However, Cajun on Wheels isn't just your standard zi-char style Chili Crab or Black pepper crab, hence its worth the mess. In true American gourmet fashion, mussels and crabs are piled high on to a waterproof plastic sheet layer that hides the wonderfully decorated table tops of the new Pasarbella at Suntec City. A shame really, but the umami-laden galore of seafood that greets the eye is equally attractive.

The menu at Cajun on Wheels is kept simple, staying true to its roots of imitating a Louisiana seafood truck with Cajun influences. Seafood is simply boiled in bags with herbs and spices till just cooked and served with a variation of local-fusion sauces such as Salted Egg Yolk, Thai Red Curry and the kid-friendly Cheesy Cream.

We had the Flexing Mussels ($18) consisting of  250g mussels, 250g clams, corn, potatoes and chicken spam with cheesy cream sauce. My advice would be to move in on the action fast as the sauce reduces to a slurry that becomes a bit jarring when its cool, the water from the steamed seafood incongruous with the rich cheese sauce. 

Another great option would be the cheekily titled Oh Crab ($38 for 600gm) - Sri lankan crab with our choice of salted egg yolk sauce. Undoubtedly the best combination that one can think of. The indecent gravy sticks to the shell and flesh of the crab with such affectionate proximity, that you can't help but lick your fingers shamelessly with every dabble. In fact, you might even want to drag those sweet potato fries through the puddle; fret not, it's too good that you'll not realise the judgemental stares all around.

The only shortfall is the Fish with 2 sides ($10.50) since the rather poor grade Sutchi fillet is used in the process, resulting in a dry and unpleasurable experience that even a heavy drenching of delicious Thai Red Curry sauce cannot salvage. Select the Cajun rice pilaf as your side, the fluffed up pile stocks up sweet treasures of dried fruits such as raisins and sultanas; highlighted by a bit of heat from the Cajun spices. This goes down a little too easily with the piquant Thai red curry sauce over the top.

If you're still feeling peckish, the options for sides include the Fire Cracker Hot Squid ($7) which I imagine to be divine with a high-handed addition or salted egg yolk sauce. You might have to beg and grovel for that though.

For a great seafood treat for the whole family, head down to Pasarbella where every food whim and fancy will be met with the large variety of food choices in the hawker/farmer's market-esque concept. Get the larger sharing buckets for 2-3 and indulge to your hearts content!

Cajun on Wheels
3 Temasek Boulevard
Unit 01-K41
Suntec City Mall

Operating Hours: 
Daily: 11am - 10pm

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