Christmas Rhapsody @ Orchard Central: Food Trails, sugar hits and more...

I'm sorry to have left you in the lurch regarding the Christmas issue but hey I'm back from the grave (where I've witnessed many macaron shells died a unsightly death) and here to tell you about some crazy X'mas specials happening in Orchard Central itself - delicious deals that are dispensed only because of the generosity of the owners themselves during the festive period. So grab it now or forever hold your peace.

Let's start from the bottom and work our way to the top, Maccha House is pushing out two festive specials, one for the dessert lovers and the other, for the carb monsters. The White Chocolate Maccha Tartlet ($9.99) for one has zero nutritional value at all, but scores high on the satiety index.  Don't worry, the towering white spiral of cream isn't just your ordinary whipped cream, but a crowd pleasing sweet amalgamation of white chocolate mousse with a surprise strawberry hidden in the middle, pate sucre is filled with a smooth maccha custard filling for a variation of texture. The deal is incomplete without the spoon taking a trip to the accompanying mound of maccha soft serve ice cream on the side; in my opinion the best part of the dessert. 

For a hit of something savoury before the assault of sugary pleasures, get the Christmas Chirashi Set ($16.99), a medley of maguro sasihimi, ikura roe and avocado sits placidly amongst an eclectic mix of lady's fingers, carrots, tamago and sakura denbu. Not my ideal mixture of ingredients as the crunch of the carrots interferes with the winsome combination. Thank goodness for the chicken yuzu soba that proves to be bowl of comfort in the stormy weather, a chicken broth flavored with the slight astringency of yuzu to uplift the run-off-the-mill offering.

Working your way up the vertical themed mall, you'll arrive in the white haven that is Lady M. My first trip to Lady M Orchard Central branch proved to be a real eye opener; the stunning layout of the establishment, and access to some of the best seats in the house, perched high above the descent into lower grounds right up close to the large glass windows; I was growing suitably comfortable with the notion that perhaps I could live with such royalties for the rest of my life. But here's returning back to the food... this Christmas, Lady M launches their limited edition Lady Baltimore cake ($9/slice, $85 for a 9" whole cake) only available from the 19th to the 26th December. 

Elegantly presented, first read will present an offering that challenges many of your demons. Rum soaked fruit and a thick coating of meringue... oh gosh, I can't even begin to describe my deep rooted hatred for fruit cake. But instead of one of those hideous traditional confectioneries, you'll get a lovely sponge cake accented with a smooth creamy vanilla custard layers that's to die for. The frosting may seem a bit intimidating at first, but it proves to be not too sweet nor sticky.

Whilst you're there, make sure to lay claim on the original mille crepe cake as well as the Couronne de Chocolate ($7.50/slice; $70/ 9 " whole cake) which regrettably is only available till the end of December. Here, chocolate sponge is alternated with layers of rich dark chocolate mousse before being glazed with a smooth shiny layer of chocolate ganache. Chocolate lovers, this will conquer and frolic in the hinterlands of your fantasies for a good long time.

Making a quick ascent to the 4th level of the building, you'll arrive at the gourmet grocer cum casual dining space that is Dean and Deluca. Popularised in Soho, New York for their extensive selection of fine foods and gourmet gifts, Dean and Deluca assumes a more well-rounded holistic dining approach in Singapore - taking to feeding the crowds with hearty soups, simple pastries and wholesome mains. Roasted Angus Beef which you would save for trips to the best steak houses is reinvented and wallet friendly here. For $18, you get a thick slice of Roasted Angus Beef with a choice of 2 sides from the following: Balsamic Mushrooms, Caramelised Brussel Sprouts, Mashed potatoes or warm pumpkin salad. I wouldn't go as far to say that the food was cooked to perfection; but if heaven wills, let me steer you towards the other choice of Maple Glazed Salmon Fillet ($18), perfectly pink salmon fillet with a sweet savoury maple soy glaze powered by an unctuous oily mouth feel. This my friends, is the wiser and more delicious choice.

Heading back down to earth, we traverse the mall to Cold Stone Creamery located on the ground floor.  Watch in amusement as your simple scoop of unicorn and rainbow powered ice cream is 'fried' with various toppings of your choice on a frozen marble slab and then tossed precariously through mid air to land smoothly in a freshly baked waffle basket at the end of the counter. With expert performances put up by the jovial crew, it's no wonder the lines are consistently shuffling at the joint. 

Passionfruit Wonderland ($6) leaves a sour refreshing tang in the mouth with its unruly combination of passionfruit mango ice cream, sprinkled liberally with chocolate shavings and cranberries thrown into the mix for good measure. Perfect for the passionfruit lovers and those who adore their desserts a little skewered on the sour scale. Mandatory mint inclusions sees the ubiquitous Merry Minty Xmas ($6) concoction on the specials board. Peppermint white chocolate ice cream with raspberry and kit kat - I remain impartial and candid because of my indisputable disinterest in mint; but honestly, it didn't taste all that medicinal despite its gaudy shade of green. For those looking for something a little flashy for the Christmas feast, do consider the Jolly Holly Chocolate Ice Cream Logcake ($49); on hindsight, just ensure that you use warm knife upon slicing as the chocolate hide may just be all a little too thick-skinned.

With that, we round up the Christmas offerings at Orchard Central. Major thanks to OC for your patience and incredible hosting skills. Note that from now till the 3rd Jan'2016, there is a wide array of ongoing promotions in the mall. Those with an instagram account, and somehow have left it to stray, listen up, simply upload a photo of you and your friends on IG with the Christmas decorations at Orchard Central and hastag #OCChristmas15 and you'll stand a chance to win $150 Far East Organization Mall Vouchers. Isn't that fab-fantastic? For more details, head on down to

The Maccha House #B1-40
Lady M #01-27 and #02-07
Dean & Deluca #04-23/24
Cold Stone #01-09/10

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