Angelina: Dishing out a warm rustic French Christmas | Festive special menus

For those celebrating Christmas in sunny Singapore... my heart goes out to you. Sure, we don't have white Santas on every street corner, nor reindeers or even the slightest chance of snow. What we do have is food and plenty of it. My next few blog posts will display the lucrativeness of this festive period, covering everything from burgers, festive sundaes to gorgeous terrarium creations; some good, some bad and some down right ugly. With Christmas only coming in once a year, and people marginally more generous and good spirited, why not cash in on this holiday season? There's no debating this annual mandatory plot.

Let's kick off the merrymaking with a trip down to Angelina which promises a warm rustic French Christmas with its festive menus. Available daily till the 31st of December, it's 3 course set menu priced at a wallet friendly $60++ comprises appetizers such as the Chestnut and Maderia Veloute or the Pan-Seared Foie Gras with rhubarb compote and fruit toast. The former, perfumed with the warm aroma of toasted chestnut does bring to mind a joyous celebration in front of the fireplace, the slight tipple of Madeira into the smooth concoction bestowing the dish with a silky rich edge. Those seeking something a little heavier on the palate should veer for the latter, reinforced by a sturdy slab of perfectly seared foie gras that would have left an oil slick in your mouth if not for the puckering sour rhuarb compote. Baked Angus beef au poivre with Forest Mushroom Fricassee fills in as an excellent main, though I admittedly would have loved a little more salt rather than black pepper crusting my steak as the overall combination of peppery mushroom fricassee rendered the whole dish a pepper wasteland. Other options include the walnut crusted halibut or baked duck breast. The ominous glare from the words 'Dessert of the Day' throws everyone off guard; I honestly can't vouch that you would receive a lovely surprise package. All you can do it hope and pray that there would be a citrus cheesecake of sorts that miraculously finds it way to your table.

Specific to Christmas eve and day itself, the 4 course set menu is now available for advance bookings. Priced at $70++ per head, it is considered a steal considering the many cut-throat prices one may chance upon with relation to the season of 'giving'. Yeh, take my money already... First up, a duo of Scottish oysters, one baked as a rendition of rockafella with chives, onions, herbs whilst the other served fresh. These have a slight oddballish bitter tang, which didn't go down to well with the diners. Following suit is the Roasted Winter Squash and Ginger Soup with scallop and caviar , which carries nuances of warmth and assurance in its wake. For your 3rd course, deliberate between the Roast Turkey of the Mustard and brandy Roast Beef. The choice may seem straightforward, given the usual tragic fate of turkey; however, I would strongly plead you to think twice. The Roast Turkey with garlic mash potato, cranberry and Madeira reduction captivated my palate with its inspiring technical work. Landing on the happier end of the spectrum, the French turkey was absolutely moist and succulent, so much so that one wouldn't suspect its namesake protein unless told so. Desserts do not fail with a selection of petit fours - choose from a selection of Mont-Blanc, Lemon Tart, Chocolate Eclair, Paris New York and Eclair Mont Blanc. Sure, none of these are mind-blowingly good; but the meal doesn't crumple at this stage.

In fact, with many nooks and crannies to hide away in, Angelina might just be the perfect place to bring your fling, illegitimate partner or mystery date to. Sshh.. I won't tell.

Angelina Singapore
Capitol Galleria
15 Stamford Road
t: 6384 0481

Operating Hours: 
Mon - Fri: 11am - 10pm
Sat- Sun: 10am - 10pm

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