[ANYMAP] Trendiest Staycations in Singapore: Chronicles of some late nights.

I've got a confession to make. I love my staycations; think, crisp linen, rain showers, warm bodies under fresh sheets (Mmmm), luxurious facilities and an out-of-town experience without the actual hassle of packing your bags. What's there not to love? - Those looking to surprise the missus with a romantic island escape without skimping on the luxury should read on. I guarantee you that a you can get a lavish 5-star hotel experience without breaking the banks at one of my recommended boutique hotel staycations littered about our sunny island. 

Unlike typical hotels, boutique hotels are usually decked out in extremely unique decor, shrouded in quaint and unusual themes with the added benefit of non-fluctuating booking fees even in peak seasons. So go ahead and get your credit cards ready, cause the temptation is real!

1) For the Instagram Darlings: Lloyd's Inn (2 Lloyd Road, 239091)

Lloyd's Inn, formulated with bright white spaces and moodier spots stricken by harsh shadows is a favourite amongst trendy couples willing to fork out a few extra bucks for its futuristic minimalistic vibes and close proximity to the center of the Orchard shopping district. Rooms may border on being a little hot due to the overworked air-conditioning system, given the heavy glass panelling situation in most rooms, but it's tolerable. Our favourite part, the Killiney Kopitiam breakfast coupons that come attached with your stay - nothing like a good hearty eggs and kaya toast nosh in the morning to refuel the system. Book in advance to get dibs on the fanciest rooms such as the reading room and the big skyroom.


2) For the romantics: The Club Hotel (28 Ann Siang Road, 069708)

By far, one of my favourite hotel staycations on the island. A beautiful refurbished shop house built in the 1900s, The Club Hotel has a lot to offer, pandering especially to luxury hungers. Built with just 20 rooms, you can't help but be washed over with a certain sense of exclusivity when ushered in thru the foyer and handed a cool welcome drink. Each room is designed a tad different, so expect to find a varying shade of bliss in every corner.

A beautiful refurbished shop house built in the 1900s, The Club Hotel has a lot to offer pertaining to luxury hunters. Built with just 20 rooms, expect a different shade of bliss in every corner. From white hard pressed linen to top notch toiletries and literary reads strewed mindfully across the room, this is one hotel for the  die-hard-romantics. 

Our only grouse, the reverberation of the bass drifting in through the columns in the dead of the night; an unavoidable circumstance given the proximity to popular nightlife spot, Ann Siang Hill -  in the case that you're planning to get frisky, this shouldn't pose a problem at all.

Make sure to take a shower or two while you're there, the Organic Bamford toilet amenities will work magic on your jaded skin, seducing it to supple goodness. From white hard-pressed linen to the Nespresso machine and literary reads strewed thoughtfully across the room, this is one hotel for the die-hard romantics.

suggested eats: Ding Dong, Oxwell and Co.


3) For the Quirky ones: New Majestic Hotel (31-37 Bukit Pasoh Road, 089845)

A stone's throw away from Chinatown, this row of restored shop houses are breathtaking works of art, both on the facade and insides as you explore the various art installations and ornate Chinese decorations put in place. Here at New Majestic Hotel, every idiosyncratic room makes a different statement with an expressive use of fabric, unique furniture, layout and wall embellishments. Done in collaboration with top creative individuals from varying disciplines, each of their personalities shine loudly in their individual rooms where they are given free-rein to don it anyway they please. 

From attic suites with a loft living concept and two bathtubs visible once you enter the room; to the 'Pussy Parlour' - easily the most extravagant and outrageous room featuring a intimate boudoir set up with French chandeliers, brass bed and mirrors; there are all sorts of rooms to suit your personality. During my term, I resided in the "Return" junior lifestyle room, a tight loft set up with a comfy bed posed on the second level of our green trimmed space. Bemused by the use of Kiehls in the bathroom, I turned a blind eye to the atrociously stuffy living space.

Do bring your swimsuits along as the lap pool with a glass bottom do pose some exciting photo opportunities. The New Majestic Hotel is definitely a place for the adventurous or the food gourmand, given the vibrant food culture surrounding the recently revived Bukit Pasoh area.

suggested eats: humpback, Kok Sen, Indline


4) For the Ostentatious Ones:  Hotel Vagabond (39 Syed Alwi Rd, 207630)

At Hotel Vagabond, it's all in the details. From the ingenious Brewdog Vagabond Pale ale that stares at you once you open the mini-bar,to the stairwells filled with specially curated art pieces and more travel photos in the room - a personal collection of owner Santinder Garcha. You know that the folks of the Garcha Hotels are all about pleasing their guests. Frolick in the $200 bathrobe and marvel at the bespoke cocktail bar tucked cunningly away in the closet, then agree that everything here spells 'o-s-t-e-n-t-a-t-i-o-u-s' . The moment you traverse your way thru the restaurant/bar area, you'll see elephants, rhinos and monkey gods cast in gold, watching over the lavishly decorated space, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the theatre of art, food, drink and conversation as well as enjoy the handiwork of the Artist in residency.


5) For those on a budget: BIG hotel (200 Middle Road, 188980)

Hip and high concept, BIG Hotel situated conveniently in the Rocher area, does not actually qualify as a boutique hotel, but for those on a running a tight budget, this would probably be your best bet for a therapeutic escape from the bustle of the city. Round up a bunch of snacks and drinks and coop yourself in the room with your loved one, the extensive list of new movies available on screen ought to keep you entertained for hours on end. 

Another worthy mention is the breakfast that comes in lieu of your stay. Hearty nosh put up by the talented crew at resident cafe FROTH located in the lobby area of the hotel will definitely satiate the appetite. If not, the excruciating amount of food options in and around the area, will.

suggested eats: Aroy Dee, Montana Brew Bar

Disclaimer: all images featured are my own and I have personally stayed in these hotels, once, twice, maybe all too much. Perhaps I'm selfish, and just like to spend too much time alone with my man. Don't be judging now.

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