Chir Chir (Chinatown Point): Fried Chicken for Supper?

A major incentive to braving the crowds in Chinatown during the Lunar New Year period to either, soak in the spirit or do last minute CNY shopping, is the opportunity to drag the entire family to Chir Chir at Chinatown Point to indulge in some fried chicken goodness after the sticky deed is done. 

Chir Chir opens up their third outlet in the bustling region of Chinatown, dishing out crowd favourites such as their Nest Snow and Korean styled spicy chicken wings to the eagerly awaiting public. 

My favourites include the Crispy Fried Chicken ($26.90), nothing fancy or over the top in its notion with just crispy puffed up skin to boot and irresistibly moist and succulent flesh that puffs a smoky sigh of relief when the golden hide is breached. 

If you're down for something a tad peppery, then your solution would be either the Garlicky Chicken or the Spicy Chicken ($28.90 for 7 pieces). Each bearing its own merits; the garlicky chicken stole my heart with a punch of fermented salt from the marination in soy, permeating the flesh - crunchy garlic flakes flecked about the dish adding meaning; whilst the latter, the spicy version is quite a wild-child, its over the top stinging vengeance weighing down heavily on people like me, who don't take to spicy food very well. I sipped on my Lady Killer ($16.90) furiously, trying to douse the flames, the mojito/beer slushie working wonders.

Despite chicken being the name of the game here at Chir Chir, sides are a bemusing selection of comfort foods and fruit salads that intend to placate the greasy situation. The Mac & Cheese ($9.90) tends to the needs of the cheese pornographers. Macaroni rolled around in a relaxed bed of melted cream and cheddar cheese - not savoury enough for my needs but its sinfully creamy constitution is deeply gratifying. Then there's the Honey Grape Salad ($18.90) for the health-freaks who shun the notion of fried chicken and choose to take nibbles of their de-skinned protein in between globules of sweet seedless grapes mixed in with a medley of ricotta, mixed buts and baked tortilla. 

New to the menu at Chir Chir, Chinatown point is the Vampire Killers ($28.90) a somewhat strange allocation of names given the fact that the garlicky wings are tons more hostile to garlic-haters than this version. Still, It's lack of floury fried skin makes it a healthier choice and I would surely pick these if I was leaning towards something both prominently garlicky and spicy.

One of the dishes I was fervently enthusiastic about trying was the Nest Snow ($32.90) which had infested my instagram feed for months with images of golden brown chicken tenders sitting over a bed of cream sauce. Like a moth to a flame, I was drawn to the arresting visuals of golden brown topped with fresh whipped cream and shavings of Parmesan, mozzarella and cheddar; however, it all fell to pot when I realise that these spicy Cajun chicken tenders were incredibly unpalatable. It's mucked up dry innards, insubordinate with the hot plate of cheesy cream sauce below. A pool that resembled something similar to canned cream of chicken soup, unstirred. Yikes.

Clever ones would turn to the Spicy BBQ Roasted Chicken instead for solace, the marinated chicken is pan fried and coated evenly in sauces instead of receiving the ruthless deep fried treatment, resulting in a deep caramelised coat of sweet sauce amidst browned flesh, permeated with solid flavors. Definitely a must-order when in the Chicken factory.

For the night owls, Chir Chir is open till 3am daily so this those looking to feed the after-party munchies, this makes for the perfect retreat.

Chir Chir 
Chinatown Point
133 New Bridge Road

Operating Hours:
Daily: 11am - 3am

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The Nest Snow really looks good. Yum!