Entertainer App 2016: Food Trail + Promo Code

I'm a huge advocate of The Entertainer App. After raking up $700 plus in savings in the past year whilst happily satisfying the tummy with yummy nosh, I can't help but laud praises for the handy app that promotes 1-1 deals at several establishments spotting the island. Aside from the mandatory F&B merchants (after all, we know Singaporeans can sniff out a good food bargain from a mile away), the entertainer app boosts several other premium lifestyle choices that will luxuriate your life. 

Recently I've had the privilege of participating in a tour of some great merchants situated along the Duxton region along with the company of like-minded foodies. 

First stop, Wine Mansion, a cosy little corner along the hustle and bustle of Keong Saik Road that is coated with a kind of old world charm. Faded grandeur, you might call it. On the agenda, bottles of wine lick the dusty shelves, prodding you to pick one up to inspect its vintage and mull over a night full of prospects, if one were to open it. Food is of the tapas calibre - small and not entirely riveting, with a touch of new world flavor in the form of its global ethnicity. The Fried Chicken with Kimchi yogurt sauce ($18) is moist; sporting an irresistibly golden brown hide, fortified by an orange hued cream, technically of Korean inspiration, since kimchi is blended into its creamy depths. The Beef Koftas ($16) brings back memories of busting tables in a middle-eastern cafe in Sydney. The aroma of zaatar, labne and toasted bread lingering thick in the air as the stiff waiter brought out these grilled meatballs flanked by chickpea puree, garlic tomatoes and fried onion. Excellent.

If you're big on wines but prefer the option of variety, then Praelum would be a formidable choice for a chilled night out with the homies. The joint plays hosts to a state-of-the-art enomatic system that dispenses wines in tasting portions; allowing drinkers to get first whiff before taking the plunge. Whilst swilling these glasses in feign need to impress, order the Tarte Flambee ($20) or the Pork Parcels ($27) to get the conversation started. The former is bent on provoking the munchies, its Alsatian roots meaning that a white bechamel sauce is painted over the thinnest of crust.

Need a tipple? - the Bodegas Lealtanza Crianz 2011 is the perfect lubricant to any sort of rotten friendship that you have with your dining companion. It's deep seeded ruby red tones displaying wonderful earthy characters sweeping beneath its jewelled ripe fruit tones.

Last but not least, our foot/food trail led us to Meat Liquor Sin, rounding up the equation with a deluge of burgers and drinks aplenty. The Sambal Fries ($12) warrants many repeated visits; I'm confounded by the magical combination of crisp thin cut fries, torrents of homemade sambal sauce overhead with the winning crown of a sunny side up egg; yolk porn follows suite. Not so fabulous are their Buffalo Wings ($15) which interior meandered a little too closely to the dry borders. The coating of sweet sauce doing nothing to abet the experience. Finger snacks wise, I would strongly suggest the Deep Fried Pickles with blue cheese dip ($9). The pungent form soaring above the crisp shards of pickles. 

With the 2016 Entertainer App (valued at $85) safely installed on my phone, I can't wait to track down some of my usual haunts like Tolido's Espresso Nook, Nassim Hill, Fat Cow just to name a few; as well to do a bit of food exploration, incentived by the wide range of cuisines featured on their merchants list.

Check out the list of merchants and learn how to download it here. Meantime, I've got a pressie for my readers who are keen on purchasing the new Entertainer App '2016 - use my promo code: 2016FUNDFLAWED to enjoy $10 off the retail price of $85 when purchasing! Don't say I'm a selfish bitch now...

Major thanks to The Entertainer App crew and the participating food trail merchants for the super enjoyable afternoon!

Wine Mansion
20 Keong Saik Road
t: 6532 4338

Praelum Wine Bistro
4 Duxton Hill
t: 6238 5287

99 Duxton Road
t: 6221 5343

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Aldora Muses said...

WOW looks like you've had an amazing food trail using the Entertainer's App!! So cool :) Perhaps I should re-explore mine soon in view that I have not been using it religiously.

Have a fab CNY Sihan :)

xoxo, Aldora