[ANYMAP] Interview + a giveaway at [FEAST BUMP]

Yeh, so the title says it all. I recently got quizzed by the folks at ANYMAP and you can read the entire scope of the interview over on their blog

A little snippet for the nosey ones ensues

Anymap: What sets your blogging style apart from other food bloggers?

Fundamentally_Flawed: Honesty is the best policy. And I guess it's in this department that I differentiate myself from most other food bloggers. Pertaining to food establishments that make false statements about the preparation methods or provenance of their food, they may get away with pulling the wool over most diners' eyes, but there's no fooling me. I will, and have called their bluff, too many times to count. The harsh brutal reality delivered as feedbac to owners and chefs is something that I pride myself on as constructive criticism should work in improving a business. 

(read more on the ANYMAP site)

Meantime, all that talk about pizza is making me hungry. 

Recently, I've had the privilege of working with the dynamic team from FeastBump, a platform that features over 200 restaurants that deliver to you, wherever you are based on this island. From exotic dishes to healthy eats and high end pastries, FeastBump has got you covered, sussing out the most convenient solutions to restaurant quality food.  First conceptualised by the creators of Oddle, a cost effective backend solution for restaurant's takeaway options; the team after being tormented by a lack of food choices that deliver to their workplace have since diversfied and set up a seperate platform offering food delivery and listing of their existing merchants on this new platform. To that, I say brilliant! and gave the system a whack.

My order meant for 4 30pm arrives earlier than expected at 4 00pm (not a bad sign). Those who hangout at Timbre would be familiar with the pizzas I'm about to feature. The Goodfellas ($20.50) is a quizzical combintion of plump shrimp, garlic butter curry sauce, crisp cereal under a bed of melted mozarella cheese with a final flourish of egg crumbs. The verdict drawn was universal, "weird" being its main definition, the crust pizza dough and further smashings of egg crumbs drawing out moisture from the plump prawns leaving them high and dry. Working to better effect is the Roasted Duck with Hoisin Sauce ($20.50) - classic combination of duck and sweet sauce reaffirmed here. abetted by scatterings of shitake mushrooms and crispy popiah skin. There's no resisting this pizza here, even more so with a bottle of beer at hand. Other pizzas worth fawning after include the Beef Con Carne Pizza and the ridiculously fusion Black Pepper Crab rendition.

So here's the deal, I'll be giving out 2 x $30 FEASTBUMP vouchers for my selected merchant Timbre. So follow this standard instructions and stand to win a chance to chow down on free pizzas!

Here's how to win:
  1. Follow Fundamentally-Flawed on Facebook
  2. Leave a comment on the "FEASTBUMP giveaway" post on my FB page, telling me which other Feastbump merchant would you be interested to try (clue: visit Feastbump's website here)
  3. Tag at least one friend in that comment with whom you would like to share the pizza with.
Two lucky readers will be picked at random. Competition ends on the 4th March '2016 23 59 so do make sure to act fast!

Online Order available Here

Disclaimer: This post was brought to you by FEASTBUMP.

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