Wildfire Burgers @ 313Somerset: I only see black

Honest to God, I arrived at the foot of Wildfire; my uneasy stomach full of trepidation. So I've heard a mixture of things, both good and bad, but armed with a tale to tell of  bone-dry patties and irrelevant sunny-side ups, I prayed that my last visit was just an anomaly of poor performance. Squinting past the slightly whoreish neon lights guarding the entrance to the mall, there I stood with rebellious intention. So, winner of the 'Asia Burger Challenge 2015' - 'Hit me with your best shot!' - and they sure did fire away.

But first, beers to ease into the reconciliation. Dirt Wolf Double IPA 8.7% ($13) does a good job of breaking the ice. It's piney, citrus resin notes attempting to take out the bad taste from our mouths, a product of residual tasting notes from our previous visit (I'm sorry I'm such a nag). Navigate their extensive bottle list and you're bound to find something in the separate categories of ale, trappist, ipa and cider that will slake your thirst.

You won't want to leave the restaurant without getting your hands on the fried chicken selection here. Wildly innovative and global in mindset - think Sichuan Pepper and Salt Fried Chicken and Sriracha Glazed Fried Chicken - The Wildfire kitchen guys take a classic pub grub dish and give it a few exciting twists inspired by varied cuisines. My favourite had to be the Nam Prik Pao Fried Chicken ($13) - a foxy Thai beauty, golden skin drenched in sticky sweet and spicy sauces. One bite in, and I let out an audible sigh, one that mingled contentment and resignation. The Southern Fried Chicken ($13) delights in the same raunchy details, buttermilk fried chicken permeated with slight hints of paprika and lemon is deep fried till bubbly crisp, then served simply with sliced gherkins and a maple syrup glaze. 

Wiping the corners of my mouth in disbelief of the feast unravelled, I await the arrival of the stars. 

Paramount to the burger debacle, we reviewed three different types of burgers - the beef version, a chicken and shrimp burger; just to be fair. My Triple Bacon ($19) was nothing like the blasphemous image that lingered in my memory, instead in its place was a perfectly moist and juicy patty, guarded by a sturdy sear, packed between buttery brioche buns with the breastwork of streaky bacon, bacon jam, beer caramelised onions, cheddar cheese and baconnaise sauce to carry its weight. Just the description alone made my mouth water. The Sriracha Chicken ($16) makes a fine option for those who appreciate spicy things. The chicken thigh, having been brined had resolved its indifference with the flaming hot grill, juices choosing to reside snugly within, release torrents of hot oils with every bite, especially so when mingling with the lively sriracha mayo sauce. 

While, the resident burgers are kept fairly simple, once in awhile, the odd speciality appears - the Black Ebi Burger ($19) features minced prawn patty, yuzu koshu mayonnaise, squid ink aioli and black as night buns. Before you decide that such a combination is way to weird for you, hear me out, this works. A surprisingly delightful burger that is sweet, savoury and nutty all at one. The piquantly sour spicy notes of the yuzu kosho and prawn patty that sees a slight crisp on its exterior, all comes together to render an eclectic mix of tastes and textures that I promise will have you rethink your preference for the traditional beef burger. 

Wildfire, the discrepancy between my last visit and this one have been significantly different; and your miraculous infiltration back on to my burger radar, an astoundingly sneaky one. The meal, stuffed with all manner of good things have since assured me that some major rock stars must certainly be doing a job good of helming the kitchens of the somerset 313 establishment. I will be back...

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Wildfire Burgers @ 313Somerset
13 Orchard Road
t: 6509 4408

Operating Hours:
Sun - Tues: 12pm - 11pm
Wed - Sat: 12pm - 1am

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