[Singapore Cocktail Week 2016] Top 10 Cocktails you must try: Part 1

3 days, 12 bars and 32 cocktails later.

Here's our pick of the lot. Needless to say, this 8 day mothership of cocktail-focused gatherings featuring international and local bartenders helming the bars with their wacky creations will lead to an alcoholic chase like non other. However, we would strongly suggest these beverages for the everyday enthusiast, you bet your bottom dollar they will be worth your while.

1) Juliet's Secret (Manhattan Bar)

Senior bartender Cedric Mendoza translates family tradition through his submission for round two of the Diageo World class competition based on the fruit and plant theme with the Juliet's Secret. A rum based concoction, combining sublime Ron Zacapa 23 with Pedro Ximenez, homemade Pistachio Orgeat syrup and fresh lime juice. Brimmed on all sides with a trio of dehydrated tomatoes, mushroom and pineapple dust; this refreshing drink with a creamy edge transmutes itself depending on which way you sip from the glass.

2) Monkey Business (La Maison Du Whisky)

Trust the whisky fanatics at LMDW to work their magic with a bottle of Monkey Shoulder. Combining Gin, Sloe Gin, simple syrup, lemon juice a pinch of salt and lavender. The Monkey Business contains no soda of any sort, deploying an egg white instead to supply a frothy tingle.

3) Boston Tea Party (Jim Meehan, PDT)

Complex, balanced and dangerous. Layers and layers of new sensations arise as the sencha green tea and Bittermens boston bitters rise above the base spirits of Banks 5 Island Rum and dry vermouth - creating a symphony of colors, if only for a brief moment before residing to its alcoholic roots. Stunning. Watch out for PDT (Please Don't Tell) resident bartender, Jim Meehan guest shift at The Cufflink Club later tonight, 15th March.

4) Ratu Pa Lo (Long Chim)

A single cocktail from their SGCW menu effectively makes this new revamped bar at Long Chim one to seek out. The alcohol force is strong in this one, so let the good times roll. Rum, gin and five spiced syrup are smoothed with velvety froth, the fresh mandarin infused with egg white conjuring up memories of mango lassi.

5) Rye Dynasty (Gibson Bar)

Ever wondered what a negroni taste like at the end of a drunken night? This drink would be most certain to wake up even the sleepiest drunk. A twist on the classic drink sends the tongue careening into new frontiers, Rye Whisky meets Creme de cassic, cocchi Americano and bitters in a stiff cocktail adventure. Best one for a night cap.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our list to be published nearing the end of the working week or follow us on Instagram @thedrinkseekers to catch a glimpse of the action.

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