Gemmills: Hole-in-the-wall wine bar

I've kept a secret for way too long. A hidden find,waiting like a wild child to pounce on the hearts of the free spirited and the closet introverts. Newly opened Gemmills, a drinking hole celebrating the best of affordable wines and dapper bar grub has inched its way into my heart, stealing snippets of my sorrow away as its' mischievous red trickles down my parched throat.

With wildly successful backing under its wings, (think Maggie Joan's and its wonderfully rogue cuisine); its easy to see how the new bar venture runs in the same tangent, exuding a kind of 'too-cool-for-school' vibe with patrons eagerly cradling glass vessels of ruby red or sweet crystal over jaunty conversation. 

Gemmills, inspired by its namesake John Gemmill; who apparently was a successful auctioneer and banker in the 1840s donated the Gemmill fountain, a drinking fountain, and first of its kind in Singapore - in a bid to quench the parched throats of the public with nothing but the gift of sky juice. Likewise, the new all-day dining concept pushes in the same direction, except with more frivolity and a slightly exclusive conception. 

Opened from Mondays to Saturdays to feed the ravished livers of the working crowds, the bar does the unthinkable by extending its hours southside, satiating the hunger of the morning zombies with coffee and breakfast-on-the-go before the drudgery of work ensues. 

Come dusk, their extensive selection of range of 50 labels of red and white wines as well as fizzy beer by the bar attempts to soothe the soul. The option of whisking away a bottle just in time for a romantic dinner still stays. Be spoilt by John's choice (from $11) - a daily rotation of wine by the glass that ranges from anything like the honey spiked Pinot Grigio from Sirenyard in Adelaide Hills to the orange and citrus blossom highlighted Riesling from Plan B.

The food options here are a reflection of the things the owners love, finger foods, charcuterie, warm toasty breads and sweet French-styled tarts. I especially loved the Bourbon Pecan tart ($9), it's short crust, flaky and buttery, giving way easily to the fork and melding beautifully with the alcohol laden caramelised pecan fillings. We hearsay that items are always on rotation depending on the whims and fancies of the chef, so do keep a look out for disastrously diet-wrecking pound cakes and soft cheese smothered thick toasts while you're there. But if we had to make a suggestion, grab a good read, reach out for a glass of wine and wile the afternoon away.

110 Amoy Street
t: 6221 5564

Operating Hours:
Mon - Sat: 8am - late

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