Long Chim: Celebrate the celebrity restaurant's 1st Birthday with $9 dishes all day long

Come end of March, Long Chim turns 1 and in lieu of these festive occasion, they will be offering a plethora of signature dishes, new offerings and iconic Thai cocktails for just $9++ on the 30th March, all day from 12pm-12am.

The specially curated menu includes charming starters such as chiang mai larp of chicken, grilled pork skewers and crunchy prawn cakes while an entourage of spicy knock-out curries, red curry of roast duck will also be peddled at 9 dollars. Should the food be a tad too overwhelming in flavors, take a swig of the special beverages on offer. The melrose fizz getting my vote for best thirst quencher, its bubbly personality making for better conversations across the table.

During a recent media tasting session, we delved into a torrent of fiery plates churned out gregariously by the kitchen. Celebrity chef David Thompson has crafted a menu that puts the focus on spice and heat, with ingredients like tilapia and sea bass given strong embraces of Thai hospitality and channelling a rustic vibe. His best dishes, though, are more contemporary. 

To kick off the meal, Grilled Pork Skewers ($14) are expertly grilled to mask its strangely gamey flavor. The Crunchy Prawn Cakes ($16) don't exactly assume the form you hope them to be, instead, lightly battered small prawns benefit from a good dash of freshly squeezed lime juice - perfect with an ice cold beer tie-up. I had high hopes for the Chiang Mai Larp of Chicken ($16), but the assault of chili and lack of any other spices made for an ugly situation, the accompanying leaf of lettuce doing nothing to keep the heat at a manageable level. As a result, the promising Chive Cakes ($15) that came after was completely washed out, even though I profess that I did display quite a penchant for the dish, possessing a likeness to Teochew rice cake, served with dark soy sauce, garlic and chilli.

Mains fared a lot better, especially after some earlier episodes had fine-tuned our taste buds to the blinding heat spells enforced by the kitchen. Long Chim's Grilled Long Eggplant with dried prawns and Steamed egg ($24) stuck with me long after I tried it there - seductively smoky, herbaceous and crowned with poached egg that spilled its glorified secrets over the pile. It's a dish worth splurging on (at $24, it can easily feed one, to 100% fullness effect). It was my favourite dish by a mile after a couple others fell flat, like the DTom yam super ($24) which contained not the usual round up of seafood but chicken wing and feet within its less than spicy nor tangy broth. The Baked Prawns with Glass Noodles ($30) is a gourmet affair, granted if you like your salt, the chefs here definitely don't stinge. Rich with butter and punches of pepper, the triumphant claypot of noodles finds resolution with the accompanying citrus sauce. If you're searching for something a little less spicy and seasoned, the Tilapia in Salt Crust ($34) is an excellent choice. Perfect time management has guaranteed succulent flesh enhanced with a quick dab of garlic chili sauce to fortify its natural sweetness.

The rest of our night menu has a way of appealing to the masses as well, with Green curry of chicken ($24) sporting a rather intimating  layer of aromatic oil above the feisty concoction and the ubiquitous Baby Squid ($26) tangled up with vines of green peppercorn and holy basil to negate the heat. Note that dishes do tend to careen into the overtly salty spectrum, so make sure to get in on the rice. 

If you're keen on celebrating Long Chim's first anniversary in Singapore, make sure to call in to make your reservations as the restaurant will be offering up some of their signature dishes and cocktails for just $9++ on 30th March'2016 (wed) from 12pm - 12am. Since I'm in the mood for sharing good deals, here is the list of dishes/cocktails up for grabs.

  1. Grilled Pork Skewers
  2. Crunchy Prawn Cakes
  3. Dried Prawns, ginger, toasted coconut in betel leaves
  4. Vegetable spring rolls
  5. Chiang Mai Larp of Chicken
  • Prin's Noodles with Pork and prawn and sriracha sauce
  • Charred rice noodles with pork, yellow beans and Chinese Broccoli
  • Charred rice noodles with beef, onions and Thai Basil
  • Green Curry of Chicken and Thai Eggplants
  • Red Curry of Roast Duck with Thai Basil
  • Aromatic Vegetable Curry with cauliflower, tomatoes and Shallots
Rice Dishes
  • Chicken Briyani Thai Style with Tomato and herb soup
  • Grilled Chicken with Sweet Chilli Sauce
  • Fried Rice with Crab meat
  • Grilled Wagyu beef with roasted rice and long leaf coriander
  • Shredded cucumber with shrimp paste, peanuts and tomato
  • Grilled long eggplant with dried prawns and steamed egg
  • Minced beef with chillies, garlic, holy basil and fried egg
  • Baby Squid with chillies, green peppercorn and holy basil
  • Siamese watercress with garlic and yellow beans
  • Chinese Broccoli with crunchy pork and oyster sauce
  • coffee ice cream
  • Lod Chong
  • Banana Roti
  • Coconut Cake
and finally, if you're a cocktail fiend like me. The Melrose Fizz, BPK, Tor Kor Mule, Monsson Bird, 555 and Thai Pisco will be going for just $9++ all day too! Just one catch, each person is only to order a maximum of 3 dishes.

Long Chim
10 Bayfront Avenue
Atrium 2
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
t: 6688 7299

Operating Hours:
Mon - Fri: 11 30am - 2 30pm; 5 30pm - 11pm
Sat - Sun: 12pm - 4pm; 5 30pm - 11pm

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