Asanoya Bakery: [Limited Ed.] Sakura Range bakes

Can't get enough of the Sakura season in Japan? Asanoya Bakery celebrates the romanticism of the pink blossoms with a whole range of baked goods ranging from the Sakura Swiss Roll ($15.80 for a whole and $3.50 per slice) to their traditional Karuizawa loaf in Sakura style with Cured peaches ($3.50/100g).

My favourite of the lot being the Bonjour Sakura ($2.80) buns filled with red bean paste and salt-cured sakura leaves. Cured between kombu and sea salt, these leaves have a gelatinous slimy sort of texture with hints of preserved plums in its wake. A lovely addition to the thick and sweet sakura infused red bean paste that fills the flat buns. The buns have a peculiar structure, a tad distinct from the usual pillowy fluffy soft textures of Japanese bread, instead, these are slightly dense and chewy even; quite possibly to serve as a better foil to its rich fillings. 

Note that this series, like most of Asanoya's fresh introductions have a very short lifespan and will only be sold on shelves for the next 2 weeks or so depending on popularity. A phenomenon explainable by the short term availability of its seasonal ingredients.

Whilst you're there, make sure to check out the infinitely popular Maple Salted Egg Croissant ($4.90) and the other oldie but goodie, Matcha Salted Egg Croissant ($4.90). Cringing a little at the latter's proposition of flavor combination, the final result proves to be quite a stunner with the green tea lending an intense grassy note to the slightly chalky and faintly sweetened salted egg yolk custard. Perfect for those who don't like things too sweet. The former however, triumphs with hints of rich caramel and sweet coffee in its wake. Vehemently opposing in concept, the two flavors come together with such binding contracts that it enforces and entirely new flavor profile altogether. Asanoya has recently reintroduced their classic Salted Egg Croissant back on the menu, so why not enjoy its 3 for the price of 2 promotion while it lasts?

Other sweet breads worth tossing over while making a trip to the check-out counter are the Royal Cream Pan ($2.80) or the Matcha Cube ($4.50); both composed of pillowy bread,albeit in different forms stuffed with velvety vanilla bean flecked custard. Despite the cream reeking of a certain artificial vanilla extract note, one can't debate the fact that these picture perfect buns are the perfect ones to take home to mum.

Asanoya Bakery
15 Queen Street
t: 6703 8703

Operating Hours:
Mon - Sun: 9am - 8pm

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