Knicker + Bockers: $12.90 customisable pizzas in the heart of the CBD

CBD warriors can now rejoice in having another tasty and reasonably priced option to satisfy their hunger pangs during the workday. Located at the basement of Ocean Financial Centre. Knicker+Bockers is an New York inspired pizzeria offering handcrafted pizza with unlimited toppings. Yes, you heard that right. Unlimited toppings! At only $12.90 for a 10-inch pizza, this is a really good deal.

First off, the menu reads more like a checklist of your heart's desire - 8 kinds of cheese, check; 20 different options for healthy veggies, check; 16 varieties of gourmet meat toppings and 6 choices of seafood garnishes, check and check!

Theoretically you could tick every box and have a whopper of a pizza, as the staff valiantly tries to fit it all onto your base. But that would be doing the dough a great disservice. Freshly made daily and hand stretched, the pizza dough is the star of the show. The 'NY style' is crusty on the outside and chewy all the way through. The thin-crusted 'Cali style' has that crispness that lovers of thin would approve of. My personal favourite is the slightly thicker 'NY style' as it has more bite and a great chewy mouthfeel that is reminiscent of freshly-baked European goodness. If I had wanted thin and crispy, I'd have ordered nachos.

Both dough bases come in original and herb crusted versions. Order the one you prefer, then select your sauce base and go crazy with the cheese options. K+B offers mozzarella, Monterey Jack, Colby, provolone, Cheddar, Parmesan, feta and Gouda cheeses. I subscribe to the notion that one can't have too much cheese on a pizza (except for feta - that one belongs on a salad, but that's just me).

For those who prefer the curation of K+B's talented kitchen, there are 10 different pizzas ready for your choosing, going by such quirky names as The Last Virgin, Super Hipster or Shiok Chick. My dining companions and I decided on Pepe's Pepperoni (K+B's take on that pizza classic) and I was allowed free rein to customise another pizza for the table. Since the pepperoni pizza was going to come on a 'NY style' dough base, I decided to swing the way of the Cali.

Choosing garlic pesto sauce and adding 5 kinds of cheeses, I decidedly left out the feta, Gouda and monterey jack. Red and green capsicum, fresh mushrooms, jalapeno, tomatoes and arugula summarise the greens. As for the meats, I opted to stay away from the chicken and checked off the bacon strips, spicy Italian sausage, prosciutto ham, Hungarian salami and on a whim, tossed in some pepperoni as well, topped off with dried baby anchovies.

Pepe's Pepperoni did not disappoint. A classic tomato sauce base with oodles of mozzarella and umpteen slices of pepperoni, this pizza was everything my college takeout pizza couldn't be. The piping hot crust was a delight to eat on its own. Freshly made to order and then cooked at 300°C the pizza was both crisp and springy in the right proportions.

Our custom creation was a visual delight, with red and green being the dominant palette. On our palate however, it was a struggle to pick out the individual flavors, apart from the proscuitto ham and arugula, as that was added right before serving. We mournfully agreed that there can be too much of a good thing, and that I didn't have the makings of a pizza composer.

For the first time visitors to K+B, you would be well served by opting for one of their selected creations. These have been tried and tasted after several rounds of recipe tweaks since the opening of their maiden K+B outlet at Kallang Leisure Park in November 2015. With the launch of its OFC outlet in the city centre in mid-May 2016, K+B intends to prove that you can have your pizza and eat it too.

Conveniently situated in the underground maze that is the CBD subterranean warren, K+B is a short walk from Exit C of Raffles Place MRT station. Busy executives can grab breakfast-to-go on their way to the office; picking up a delightful Savoury Hot Pocket ($3.50) that is topped with an egg and oozing with runny sunshine. Four varieties (original, Asian fusion, curry and otak-otak) are offered and you can pair it with a coffee for a great start to the day! 

Check out their website for more details and also to order online! Delivery fees of $2 applies and there is a minimum order amount of $25. Fees are waived for orders above $40.

Knicker + Bockers
Ocean Financial Centre
10 Collyer Quay
t: 6509 9247

Operating Hours:
Mon - Fri: 8am - 8pm
Sat: 9am - 2pm

Written by Benjamin Chong. Ben loves a good craft beer. Failing that, some nice food would do too. He looks at food as a shared experience and a primary connector of people and cultures. On his own, he'd be just as happy diving into a bowl of nice cereal with really cold whole milk. As for beer, that can be enjoyed in any setting.

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