Tim Ho Wan (Plaza Singapura): NEW menu items

Call me a noob or whatever you wish but my recent trip to Tim Ho Wan can be regarded as my virgin experience since take-away BBQ Pork buns doesn't count as patronage. The immensely successful brand has expanded to 6 locations dotting the island, making it convenient for people from all walks of life to enjoy its affordable yet deeply satisfying dabble into Hongkong Michelin-starred fare.

You'll be a fool not to order the Baked BBQ Pork buns ($4.50 for 3) -  this swoon worthy snack combines shortcrust enveloped thin baked bun with a motherload of sweet-saltish barbecued pork stuffed in between the cavernous crevice. Have it fresh and piping hot from the oven and you'll definitely have your expectations blown out of the water. Especially since my only base for reference were a box that had survived a rough journey and breathed in quite a bit of cold air in the midst; memorable but these in contrast, were legendary.

Also exceptional are the Steamed Shrimp Dumplings ($5.50 for 4) and the Steamed Spareribs with Black Bean Sauce ($4.20) - the latter, an unctuous mix of cartilage and smidgens of fatty brilliant moments steeped in a spiced black bean tinged oil mix. The Pan Fried Turnip Cake ($4.50 for 3) could have used a bit more of a browned crust but the flavor of the savoury gelatinous mix of radish combined with lap cheong, super palatable. The perfect ratio of rice flour and radish, truly commendable.

I wouldn't normally make a double take for the Steamed Spinach dumplings with garlic ($3.80 for 3) but the crystal clear skins holding succulent packages were so seemingly addictive that my chopsticks made an involuntary visit to the steaming basket. 

Relatively new to the menu is the Steamed Beef Balls with Orange Peel and Beancurd Skin ($4.20 for 3); these innocent looking mounds deliciously fragrant when drenched with the accompanying jus of sorts. The beancurd skins like wedding veils, soaking in the goodness of the braised liquids both poured over and exuding out from the steamed beef. 

We arrive at the pinnacle of the meal with Tim Ho Wan Singapore's latest  addition to the menu. So new in fact that it hasn't even been rolled out. Starting the 3rd May, The Fried Milk ($5 for 3) will grace the Plaza Singapura branch's menu - gently set pillows of custard is neatly contained within crisp browned mini-toast deep fried for textural exhilaration. You literally hear silent squeals of excitement around the table as the debauchery occurs. Literally, the most dreamy way to end the meal if not for the Ma Lai Gao ($3.80); looking deceptively simple; this golden pillow takes an overnight fermentation to build its fluffy honeycomb like texture. Talk about patience... Tim Ho Wan does a swell version with the fragrance of quality brown sugar stealing the limelight.

So there you have it folks, recommendations for a satisfying meal with the family over the long weekend. Wait it out till the 3rd May, Tuesday to get your hands on the delectable Fried Milk!

Tim Ho Wan
68 Orchard Road
Plaza Singapura
t: 6251 2000

Operating Hours:
Mon - Fri: 10am - 10pm
Sat - Sun; PH: 9am - 10pm

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