art house brownies

Art HousE Brownies

"ORD lor!!!" Jingwei cries. Nope..not the real ord but i somewat informal way of celebrating our last lab session for the entire semester. Dreadful periods during which i have to lug my half-awaken body to school to perform some crap experiements just for the sake of curriculum. I doubt putting in effort to understand the whole experiment set-up would pay off very much as well since most labs involved deep concepts. Oh well, even the lab techs assist us in our quick get aways by making explanations straight to the point. Tts a good thing.

So after lab, i spent a little time with babe having lunch at botak jones. Cajun chicken was good. And warning, do not order ur steak medium rare unless u're a fan of raw meat! it was seriously undone and the jelly lyke texture of the uncooked meat was repulsive and not anywhere near edible. Tried my first doughnut of the season at munchy doughnuts. I knoe i'm slow! ..but must admit tt the white chocolate with cinnammon was divine! and aptly named as well, silly mon... haha.

Came home to an itchy hands mode. it was lyke some sort of silly mantra being chanted in my head. lyke some sorta raging circus. Oh well, i had to appease tt dun i. So i sat down and did this...

my very first art piece.. a mad splash of colours on an empty chocolate brown canvas. Nothing lyke this to soothe my soul. AHHh.. and it looks quite impressionistic in my opinion. haha.

Neh.. was just kidding u guys... Sihan has no artistic abilties at all. So tt ain't even possible. So wat does she do to relieve her itchy hand syndrome? she BAKES!!!
Pulling out a recipe from my ancient dusty cupboards.. or rather favourite lists tt i have stored away for way to long. I decided to try my hand at the best brownie recipe adapted from alice medrich. Of course, with a little touch of Sihan in the midst. So with tt i decided to do a swirl method on this brownie batter as i thought the slight tang from the cream cheese would play up the contrast btw the richness of the chocolate. Hence the white and green swirls being the lemon flavored cheese and matcha flavored cheese respectively. Not only do the colours work well together, the flavors sang in harmony. Gorgeous i must say. An art work literally...
Wats interesting about the recipe was the use of cocoa powder and absolutely zilch melted chocolate in this brownie. I was apprehensive at first but when the lovely brownie emerged from the oven, i was taken aback by the moistness and the fudge lyke texture of the brownie. Gosh... wld have been better if i had taken the time to buy some valrhona cocoa powder. wld be divine..*swoons*

Now who wants a slice of edible art?..

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