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The Star-struck Blues had a fa-bu-lous day out with teddy ytd. he was such an amazing companion... thanks for bearing with my slouching tiredness at the end of the long date. haha. *thank goodness i managed to catch the ending of the movie the brave one.* hehe.

have been fulfilling the steady stream of orders for the week, which grew to a crescendo towards the weekend.

Pictures from top left (clockwise) : Vanilla Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake, Garden of Eden (my own creation!!!), The Star-struck Blues.

so tts tt. Baking comes by much easier nowadays apart from the panic mania days where all ur most horrible nightmares come alive. Its days lyke this which u shld just bury the hatchet, get rid of the damages done and just head out for a jog. Its practically pointless to continue in the kitchen. However, on the contrary, i wld admit tt my results are very much dependent on my mood. If i'm baking on a pissed-off mood, then needless to say, the products would somehow carry a bit of the rage, perhaps over the top sweetness, or perhaps a weak attempt at rising. But i'm not saying tt my quality is compromised coz on the whole, having the opportunity to bake wld just natually raise the levels of saccharine in my blood levels. So to all those who have ordered from me, u can heave a sigh of relief. Ur cakes are going to turn out fine. haha.

tat is a chocolate cake ordered for a 21st bdae party. Blue and white, as specified by her fren are the bdae girl's fav colours, along with stars and a sweet personality... so here's The Star-struck Blues... made up of the usual good ole' chocolate cake and chocolate frosting. Hope it goes down well with them. *prays*

here's a shoutout to my aero classmates as well. Happie birthday Paul and Kaiqi! *waves*

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