*Sihan pumps her fist into the air*.. the hse is quiet for once. Parents have left for China togther for a week to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. sweet... for them, and for me too! hehe. Now there's a whole new sense to the word liberty! i feel free...

Baked 2 cakes over the last two days for orders. Both Carrot Cakes, but the first with its cream cheese topping tinged with the essence of vanilla and lemon. That was meant for a church function, or rather Uncle You-jing's bdae( hence the order from his dear wife; thx for ur generous compliments! glad tt the church pple appreciate my bakes) the second meant for Betram's bro's bdae. Met Betram a few days back in NTU, perpetual strangers brought together by a twist of fate and a common ink. OH well... His Orange Cream Carrot Cake carried a whole different dimension altogether with the incorporation of orange zest into the cheese topping tt added a touch of sophistication and novelty to the taste of the cake. Definitely something tt i wld carry on baking in the future, so peeps.. do let more order roll in!!! p.s. thanks for the lift ya!

Besides the usual hectic tuition schedule, i had my date with Cheryl lined up on Sunday! the French film festival!!! Booked the tickets for 'LOLA' at picturehouse at cathay. Met up for a little bit of shopping, dinner ( pls do try out Hot tomato at basement of ps for decent and cheap meals), and loads of mischief! which included dumping a tub of smokin' dry ice into the dustbin after our self-indulgent desserts. this gurl never ceases to make me laugh. going out with her just spells great fun everytime! (pls dun be jealous babe)... Can't wait for our many more dates to come!

Meanwhile, looking forward to the gazillion bake jobs i have the upcoming week. Blog events too! in fact my spiked spiced pear concocction is still sitting in the corner of the kitchen waiting to be used. *yay*.. super duper excited.

*groanz*..i need my camera back! MUMMY!!!

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