of all things pink

of all things pinkabsolutely love the different shades of pink in all the photos above. Seems as if i've been surrounded in pink.

Bumped into my kindergarden classmate along the corridor in NTU last tues. hit it off immediately and we jumped onto the bandwagon and booked each other for a date on Friday.

pink bangle from Bestie.. i lurve it!!!

We met up at Vivocity for a walk around the mall, making a few stops at the corduroy and finch candy shop which i must say was superbly attractive and alluring given its lovely spread of colours printed on the walls and the array of sweet treats on display. I browsed ard, taken by the many strange flavors tt i wasn't so familiar with. and of course i cldn't step out of the shop w/o purchasing something. Hence i bought the clove flavored candy cane which i have plans for to use in my future experimentation. *hehe* We had a long long dinner at Kim Gary. conversation was free flowing and i enjoyed myself thoroughly.

Cheryl and I chilling out over drinks, Strawberry Margarita and Lychee Martini

U see, Cheryl and I have known each other for a very very long time, our connections were somewat extensive. Having known each other in Kindergarden, we attended sister churches, went to the same secondary school and are now both stuck in the 'island', NTU. haha. Hence, it was lyke finding a long lost pal again...

after dinner, we headed down to Sentosa where we had free entry to the show Songs of the Sea compliments of Jonathan who was working there. The show, which basically had a rather lame storyline, featured reallie cool waterworks and laser displays. I was rather impressed to say the least. haha. but as usual, Singaporeans, try to hard to make use of every earning opportunity. the marketing of this show was almost as if they were trying to steal a lolly from a baby. haha. But then again, commendable effort by the staff working there who reallie try to be enthusiastic.

lucky me had a ride home. Thanks to Cheryl who lives so closeby! looks lyke we'll be hanging out a bit more in future. hehe.

well, i usually dun take pictures of my cake orders since there ain't nothing new about tt. But i had to take a few snapshots for this cake. Temptation was too much to take. So the theme " pink hearts". Gosh.. i'm not much of a pink person. So here goesmy brave attempt. hehe. Hope she likes it. Its a Banana Caramel Cake anyway, yummy stuff.
btw..i heard tt britney's gimme more mtv is out! i wanna watch tt!!! *hoots*

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