cookie madness

Cookie Madness!

oh yesh! here's a special offer going for you peeps...

Mad about gourmet cookies but can't find them at reasonable prices?

if you're crazy about coffee as well then you're in the right place!

Packets of Freshly baked Coffee Cookies, weighing in at 200g each (about 25 cookies, 5cm in diameter) for sale at a phenomenal price! Each cookie filled with the richness of brewed espresso and a tint of coffee liquor. Topped off with an almond slice. Packed into no-frill ziplock bags perfect for storage. Good for snacking on the weekends or just to pair together with your hot drink on a cold rainy day. Each bag going out for only $3.50 (original: $4.50)!!!

this crazy offer will only be on till thursday night. So do place your orders (sms 96169609, or email me at by then!

collection will be at orchard/ bukit timah/ clementi areas during stipulated timings. Please contact me for further details or special requests.


SugarFairy Godmother

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