the weeping willow

SHF : Asian Sweet Invasion
as promised..
my contribution to the endless list of SHF (sugar high friday) supporters. It has been a wonderful event so far with the most treacherous themes encountered (however, cupcake hero's earth day theme still takes the hat!) This time around, with a theme like 'asian sweet invasion' proposed by amrita of la petite boulangette , i was stumped.

seriously, there was endless ideas to this theme. With exotic fruits like durians and dragon fruits topping the list, but hardly any of them being able to sink in well with a traditional dessert. incorporating theme into normal western styled desserts was not an easy task though as few of these flavors complimented the heaviness and richness of western desserts. to tell the truth, i scorned durians and never once let it cross my mind to include them in my plans.

Black sesame and Green Tea Cheese Cake

In the end, it was a sweet decision. With the help of Eric over at Do you know the muffin man? , i used and modified a recipe that i had enquired earlier from his blog. Interestingly this recipe was found on the new york times a few months back.. strange where u get asian inspired dessert ideas from. Hence, to say it is entirely oriental. I dare not...

here's presenting to you 'the weeping willow'. To break it down. It is all in all, a black sesame and green tea layered cheesecake. Topped with cream puffs filled with green tea pastry cream and surrounded by a lovely wall of homemade sesame brittle. To my delight, the cake turned out beautiful, with every angle of it reminding me of a majestic weeping willow tree peeping over its shadow casted on the lake. Taste wise, it was beautiful on the palette with the sesame seed studded crust adding a touch of fragrance and crunchiness to the entire dessert. I was floored by the outcome, now i'm just sitting and waiting for the next chance to make it once more.
I would like to thank Amrita for this wonderful opportunity. it's been a pleasure baking this cake. From the strange pairing of sesame and green tea in the cheesecake to the experimental tries at making brittle and profitereles! its been a baking experience of many firsts. And somehow through the night, they all turned out successful. Strange but magical in its own way. Perhaps its the power of the orient at work...

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apple said...

WOW WOW and WOW! That is an awesome cake...I'm drooling and would love to try to make it. Is it possible to get the recipe?

Love your blog; very fun and delicious!