wat more satisfying?

What's more Satisfying?

baking, cuddling with babe, online shopping, lindy hop dance classes, getting praised by your boss at work? neh.. there's no answer to that question i guess coz its ALL of the above!!! my life revolves ard the above following, in no order of merit of course ( in case babe gets jealous of the other non-living objects. *sniggers*)

Just takes a load of your shoulders having your boss praise you at work or grant you tasks that of are rather high importance and leaving them to your own devices to solve and sort out. After which I recieved credit from one of the representatives of Embraer's regional customers Mandarin Airlines for the work done. *phew*.. now tt sure does feel good doesn't it? hehe. lala.

But sometimes here and there, collisions of foul nature are bound to happen along the way. Started the day on the wrong side of the bed today with sequential bad-luck events happening one after another. gawd.. thank goodness babe was there to listen to my crapping and nonsensical rantings (it reallie amazes me how he does that though.. give me a gf lyke tt and i swear i would kick her out the door. haha). But still, miracles do happen. And I'm the most fortunate girl to have one right beside me. *hugz*

so.. been thinking lately about getting a breadmaker machine for myself. Would be great with functions like timer; *hazely dreaming of the aroma of a fresh loaf of bread every morning*.. tt wld be just perfect.. and all these sans the terrible kneading by hand (actually not so..its rather stress-relieving; DIE U SON OF A BAST***, woops. pardon me). yep. so.. breadmachine maker yesh or no?

(left: this one is the Breville vertical breadmaker machine going for $188 at Tangs.)

(right: and this is the Morphy Richards 48245 Bread Maker retailing for $155 at tangs now. apparently its on some sorta promotion)

okie.. now which of the two do you think are better.. hmph.. seriously.. i dun knoe. guess I've got to go about finding out more regarding the functions first before making the jump.. rawr.. sihan doesn't like making decisions!!!

oh well.. lets just say this wld have to wait as I've got more urgent issues on my hands. like... getting the TWD post out!! mummy! pls come home with the camera soon!

I'm only up when you're not down

Don't wanna fly if you're still on the ground

It's like no matter what I do

Well you drive me crazy half the time
The other half I'm only trying to
Let you know that what I feel is true
And I'm only me when I'm with you

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