PT's Birthday celebration at...

orite..so i admit it wasn't any form of a black tie event, no french cuffs or cuff links or expensive bow ties.. in the end, it was just a simple get together games session at PITSTOP CAFE! here's the gang all in one shot!

thanks paulie for the photos... gawd, i was actually careless enough to leave my bag with babe containing my camera before i left to join the gang. boohoo, but thanks anyway yar!

so as I have said just now, our celebration cum mini gathering was celebrated at pitstop cafe at circular road. it was a great idea considering our large group, mundane lives and minimal budget. A games cafe was a sure fit for a celebration like this. the bdae gurl.. Pingting looked as vibrant and bubbly as ever and was appreciative of the gathering tt Serene had planned for her. THANKS SERENE! best part of the whole celebration was tt the party wasn't meant for one but TWO! unfortunately we kept mum about Calvin's bdae.. he must have been pretty disappointed as he thought that we had clean forgotten that his bdae was the next day. NEH.. we wldn't do tt! hehe. So in the end, it sure was a pleasant surprise! (look at his expression as he pumps his fist in the air!)

the bdae boi and gurl with their presents and the 'recycled' cake... hehe
and with most parties that i attend, i offered to bake the bdae cake this time around as well. 'tAHHH!!! (buzzer sound)' BAD MOVE!!! i was practically all over the place this weekend baking, my poor oven went berserk even after some maniac changed the settings to grilling mode (i didn't notice initially till i discovered the strange phenomenon of all my cake attempts burning up to crisps!).. RAWR!!!

then again, after a few tries and some coincidental discovery, i managed to get things on track and sucessfully pulled off a new recipe tt i created from zilch. pardon me for the lack of clean cut corners and leveled surfaces on the cake, didn't have any time for the mousse to set overnight hence it went a bit out of shape after stepping out of its mould.

Ladies and Gentlemen... introducing to you the Strawberry White Chocolate Mousse Cake. Luxurious layers of strawberry white chocolate mousse made of delish white chocolate, fresh strawberry puree with strawberry preserves and my favourite fraise yogurt. now.. tts just presumably healthy. hehe. a bit guilt free especially for a few of frens who loved the mousse and whom i saw digging frantically at it. furthermore i even used a whole pint of strawberries for the entire cake. including the decoration such as the tuexedo strawberries mounted on the top. hehe. those are my fav!!!

more photos!!!

(if you're wondering what the hell Sam, Rooney and I are doing in the picture with our hands clasp, you'll never figure it out... truth is we were imitating mariah carey in her 'touch my body' MTV.. haha. okie.. now's the cue to laugh your guts out.)

thanks to the organisers for such a wonderful get together! it sure was great seeing u guys again. laughing at lame jokes and playing fun strategic games like citadel! lets meet together soon yeh! but.. hmph.. KTV?!?! now i'm not too big a fan yar.. *gulps*
next up: TWD: Homemade marshmellows!!!

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