stupid bread

CURSE of the raw loaf.

Being in the good sprit that i was in after making the purchase of my newest toy... the breadmaker. I decided to try out my first loaf of bread using my beloved gadget. trust me, i was way excited to see good results.

Needless to say, judging from the title, i got NONE! *kicks the table and punches the wall with her fists*... DAMMIT! seriously, this is stupid! i did all the steps right.. what could have gone wrong? window pane test check, poofing to double the size check.. what it is?!?!?!

*groanz*.. it just drives MAD just thinking about the possible reasons how things could go haywire! just look at the bloody bread. *bangs head*.. its a mess!!! the insides were hardly even cooked whilst the outside was crisp and golden brown. WTH!!! i dunno anymore?

hmph.. cld it be tt the yeast had expired? *shakes head*

whatever! i'll just leave it at there. Probably try another loaf again soon.

I'll turn my attention to my ode to the chocolate eclair (the one specifically from the deli at the atrium in pan pacific hotel). The most lucious and gorgeous dessert i had in a long time. With the intensity of chocolate hitting the roof with every bite... *yum*.. (feeling the chocolate pastry cream oozing out from under the crisp layer of choux pastry). now that's to die for..

still, i can't forget about my failure. *groanz*
You had said I was gamine
But we didn't mean the same thing i think
Broke my choux pastry heart
Guess life's, no picture post card

dun worrie guys, be posting up my SHF (sugar high friday) post soon. its a head turner i think... can't wait to taste it though. *laughs sheepishly*

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