and the curse continues..

Why does it always rain on me?

today is the 1st of May, labour day. Spent a good half of the day rotting away at home whilst my bread poofed up gently in the breadmaker. Baking on a public holiday. Yep, now that's my idea of rest and relaxation. No way you're going to pull me out of the house into the throngs of people lining the streets of town. Home, me bed and my dearest oven. that's where i want to be.

Furthermore, it proved to be a good opportunity for me to hone my breadmaking skills. It officially starts from zilch by the way. Have had tough luck so far with all my bread making attempts. Hence with so much time on my hands, I knew it was only right that i embarked on another try at making it. This time i choose to make 65°C Chocolate wassant, recipe courtesy from Florence of do what i like.

okay.. if u guys haven't tried this bread yet. you must!!! and i repeat again that u MUST try this bread from Provence bakery over at holland village. They do the bestest version I've ever tasted anywhere else! Trust me, you'll be hooked on the tiny little moulds of bread. They are oh.. so incredibly soft... and please do not trust my potrayal of it in my photos. the real deal looks much nicer! that upsets me though. *sobz*

Okay back to my attempt; it all went well at first. Woke up after a pleasant nap to find that the bread had poofed up to the brim of the container after its 1st proving. after removal and placing it in another bowl, i covered it with a wet cloth to aid the proving. At the same time, i worked on my chocolate paste, cooking it gently till it formed the right textured paste, cooled and rolled it out and then refrigerating it.

All this was done at a snails pace, then again, i had all the time in the world...

the final step was horrendous. rolling and folding the chocolate paste into the bread dough proved to be a living nightmare as the chocolate threatened to burst out from its seams in every corner. argh!!! perhaps i had added too much chocolate paste?

nonetheless, it had risen beautifully and i was almost certain that the bread would be soft and tender. and in the end, it was.

as ugly as they looked, they tasted beautiful...
and that's all that matters right?

note: I will be taking part in a baking competition this Sunday at Dempsey House! Watch out for updates regarding the crazy jump. Wish me luck too! *crosses fingers*

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