skittish tonight

Skittish tonight...

i'm not getting enough rest; evidently from the pale purplish circles that have sneaked its way to under the ring of my eyes. Occasionally i get caught snoozing; never at the work place of course; the hustle and bustle of the place and the major activity centre built with its core derivant from Boss somehow manages to perk even the most weary souls. Yawns are common nonetheless.

Like a train derailed, I have been lost in a ever-growing pile of office work, upgrades, modifications and quality management affairs to attend to. motivation to work dwindles by the slightest amount everyday. Still hearing a sigh and a compliment so simple such as 'i wonder how are we going to deal without you' somehow just puts you back on track. I'm the luckiest girl to have such a gracious boss; one whom never fears to taunt, reprimand and chastise; yet is so generous and forthcoming with his praises and credits.

Guess that is work life, it has its ups and downs. 1 year will pass soon. and perhaps i do stand a chance of getting a spot back there. that would make me once again, very very happy.

Still, there are many things left to do. First things first, i shld be in bed now. hugging my pillow drifting away to the land of wispy clouds. Second, I've got loads of orders on my mind. With mothers day ard the corner, I've got a few (not a huge amount but still significant) orders for sweet goodies for mum. Worst still, they vary in types. *gulp*; dinner with the majesty beckons. pray the foie gras don't disappoint. Third, report to complete. now that's still the least of my worries with the continous amount of work still left to do. *bah*. guess its time i cut myself some slack then.

time to hit the sack, how else would u realise that til' the screen becomes a swirl of incoherent colors?


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