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Weekend Frenzy!

what else can you expect from a mother's day wkend. Copious amounts of orders to fulfill... worst still since I haven't posted an official annoucement for mothers's day orders. they still came, in all strange shapes and sizes...

frosted cookies, cheesecake, carrot cakes, chocolate cake, and lots and lots of cupcakes. gosh.. look at me, i've got cream on my hair. *groanz*. the sight of the war-torn kitchen just erks me. to be very frank, if it doesn't shock you already, i love baking but never the activities that follow after. haha. figures huh? I'm sure many of you bakers out there would agree with me.

so whilst i wait for the batch of cookies to miraciously emerge from the oven.. the overpowering aroma of freshly baked valrhona chocolate. i can only swoon at those of course since they are for orders.. oh well. be updating some of these photos soon and be adding some new bake sale items just for you guys!

Meanwhile, here are some backdated baking entries. Black sesame bread made from a recipe using Tangzhong starter. Again another more or less sucessful bread baking attempt. *applauds*. however, there is still much room for improvement. groanz. i need time to experiment with this!

By the way, need i remind u guys. its mother's day this wkend. so PLEASE get off your butts and do something nice for your mum. as for me, I'll be going out for a lovely lovely dinner tonight. hehe. my treat of course. gosh.. *rummaging thru my empty wallet*. woops.

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